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22 August 2015

"my head is a hive of words that won't settle."
virginia woolf

Taking off work the last two weeks before moving to Michigan and starting college was one of my better decisions. Initially, it sounded counter-productive — is this not a period in my life when I'm singularly stretched for funds? shouldn't I put in hours as long as possible? — but time is not to be sniffed at either, and at this point, I put it at a higher value than mere money... because time, whether it is time to pack or time to shop, time to organize or simply time to read on the porch and chat and savor what little is left of summer, is ultimately running out.

I'm technically a college freshman, although it feels false until I'm on campus. I have one more week in the southern humidity (which has been quite mild these past several days, strangely), and then I'm off, kit and caboodle, for a little town in southern Michigan and a whole new life. Months ago, it terrified me; now it excites me. My only concern at this point is stretching each penny to accommodate what I need for school and remembering to pack persnickety little things like razors and shampoo. (Lists have been my constant companions these twenty years at least... or so it feels.)

You find me stopping now to update this quiet blog because of the aforementioned break between work's end and school's beginning. After a full, delightful summer of working six days a week at the café, things like not having to rush off to work every morning and eating an uninterrupted lunch at home seem like pleasant novelties. I love my job, but I'm also grateful for time to rest and mentally prepare myself for the journey ahead. Lest you think all I did these three months past was clean tables, make sandwiches, and shop for comforters, however, I give you my

summer 2015 reading round-up

In June, the Harry Potter books entered our house via the public library, and everyone (with the exception of my baby sister and my dad) got in on it. Even my mom could be found listening to The Philosopher's Stone on audiobook while folding towels in the afternoon. Carmel tore through the entire series in what seemed like the space of a week (in reality, it was closer to a month), and on the opposite end, I'm still deep in Goblet of Fire. Despite my minor quibbles with Rowling's somewhat juvenile narrative style, her characters — particularly Harry, Ron, and Hermione — became quick favorites of mine. All it took was the first trip to school on the Hogwarts Express ("Has anyone seen a toad?") and I knew I wouldn't be turning back around. I didn't travel much this summer, but I can say I spent a lot of time at Hogwarts and the Burrow, with the occasional unpleasant stop at Privet Drive.

Back when the school year ended, my British Literature tutor gifted me with a beautiful copy of Wuthering Heights; sharing this on Instagram sparked a small #summerwiththebrontës social media challenge which continued through August between Jenny, Katie, and myself. The concept was simple — read a Brontë novel, biography, or both, take a picture, and toss it into the ring. As a staunch believer in the maxim that there is no such thing as too many pictures of books, it excited me to both read and  follow the progress of my friends' reading as we all turned pages. Wuthering Heights itself, which I've nearly finished, both enraptured and horrified me. Emily Brontë writes with a stark, chilling beauty, and I find her characters oddly compelling. Nothing in Heathcliff or Catherine strikes one as attractive, and yet as each whirls the other toward the bleak end, like watching a train-wreck, I cannot look away. Bewitching is probably the best way to describe it; Jane Eyre was easy to love, but there's no ignoring Wuthering Heights.

How did you spend your summer? What did you read?

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  1. Chole, we're both college freshman this year. Only, I'm still terrified. I admire you so much for being able to put aside your fears and just embrace the change. I need to be more like you! I'm so glad I found your blog. Best of luck to you for the next few months, can't wait for your next post!

    -Sincerely, your newest follower,

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