All Things New: Summer 2015 Reading List

27 May 2015

Come broken and weary
Come battered and bruised
My Jesus makes all things new
All things new

Come lost and abandoned
Come blown by the wind
He'll bring you back home again
Home again...
andrew peterson | "all things new"

Reader, I graduated.

It happened this past Saturday, but sometimes I still have to question whether it really occurred or whether it's coming in a day or two. School and dance each met their own bittersweet conclusions over a week ago, but with graduation parties (we had my own just this Sunday) and general festivities still in swing, the reality of summer is taking its sweet time sinking in. Still, the facts are facts: I am now officially a homeschool graduate and a rising college freshman. (I even changed my about me page!)

For the first time in a long while, I have no dangling assignments or textbooks to finish up this summer and no English reading lists to be completed before the beginning of the autumn term. My time — notably my reading time — is my own, and that's exciting. (As in, crazy after-dinner kitchen-dancing exciting.) I may dabble in research as I first planned back in the winter, but if we're to be completely honest, I'll most likely end up savoring these all-too-quick months with whatever books take my fancy. It's delightful to think of Flannery in the early morning light with a cup of tea — Tolstoy or Brontë on rainy afternoons curled up on the couch — Rowling or Austen read on long car-rides or else pool-side — the thought before the substance is no less happy in this case. God is gracious and good, we have prevailed through winter's storms (literal and metaphorical), and His mercies are new every morning.

to read: summer 2015

anna karenina by leo tolstoy

mansfield park by jane austen

wuthering heights by emily brontë

go set a watchman by harper lee

mere christianity and the great divorce by c.s. lewis

the harry potter books by j.k. rowling (we'll see how far I get between now and mid-August)

the ballad of the white horse by g.k. chesterton

a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith

mystery and manners and the complete stories (to be finished) by flannery o'connor

[And while we're throwing practicality and feasibility to the wind...]

the two towers and the return of the king by j.r.r. tolkien

What do you want to read this summer? Do you find your literary tastes change when paired with warmer weather?

Rise up, oh you sleeper
Awake, the light of the dawn is upon you
Rise up, oh you sleeper
Awake, He makes all things new.
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