27 January 2015

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"When we asked Pooh what the opposite of an Introduction was, he said, 'The what of a what?' which didn't help us as much as we had hoped, but luckily Owl kept his head and told us that the opposite of an Introduction, my dear Pooh, was a Contradiction; and, as he is very good at long words, I am sure that that's what it is."
the house at pooh corner | a.a. milne

When I began this blog five years ago (today!), I didn't know where it would take me. I was an ambitious twelve-year-old who loved books and wanted to talk about them with other people. In the space of a morning, "Lizzy's Library" was born (Living On Literary Lane didn't come until several months later), and for a time, I was known as "Lizzy Bennet" in the realm of homeschooled bloggers. Not long after, I changed that name to the more permanent "Elizabeth Rose," a step in a new direction that still retained some semblance of the old. Under that moniker I have been writing these four and a half years.

(You probably know what's coming next.)

I've been planning this "unveiling" of sorts since last autumn, but since Carmel was working on her own website overhaul, I delayed my January 1st reveal until today, January 27th, so as to avoid confusion. I can still recall in detail that ordinary day five years ago when I wrote a brief introduction, laying out the goals of my brand-new weblog: book reviews, poetry contests, giveaways, and writing excerpts. Some of these have changed dramatically between 2010 and 2015, and I imagine they'll change a bit more between 2015 and 2020, but the heart of Literary Lane — storytelling, the writer's craft, imagination, and the role of Christianity in these and all other aspects — is still the same. With that knowledge, I hope you will not feel strange around these parts, since both Literary Lane and myself have had a bit of grooming.

But who am I, exactly?

chloe m. kookogey

I have to say, it feels so nice to be known at long last by my real name: to draw in-person friendships and online friendships together and bind them in one. I've written up a fresh "about me" page, which you can check out hereHannah Rose Beasley Art & Design created Literary Lane's new look, and it proved to be the perfect fit. Hannah herself was a joy to work with and I appreciated getting to see my thoughts and ideas built into a format that is open, beautiful, and welcoming. I had been thinking my inglenook was in need of some sunlight, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Friends, get thee to her website and consider purchasing one of her design packages: her work is worth the investment.

Besides the outside polish, not much has changed around these parts. You'll see posts going up regularly on Monday and Friday, and you might see hints of college peeking out here and there (because yes, that is happening in the fall, as strange and quick as it seems), but otherwise, I'm still the same person I've always been. That's why this post is less of an introduction (but not quite a contradiction) and more of a welcome.

“So perhaps the best thing to do is to stop writing Introductions and get on with the book.”
winnie-the-pooh | a.a. milne

10 epistles:

  1. Nice to meet you Chloe. Congrats! Blogging for five years straight is a huge accomplishment. I hope that things continue to move up and up for you.

  2. This is so exciting! Chloe is such a lovely name.

  3. Wow-that's a surprise! It's nice to meet the 'real you', Chloe! Happy blogging for the future!

  4. Well it's nice to meet you again, Chloe! I look forward to seeing what will be going up on Literary Lane in the days to come!

  5. At long last, it has happened! I'm glad you finally killed off Elizabeth Rose. Things were getting awfully complicated, having to say I met with "Lizzy" the other day or "Elizabeth" and I were talking about such-and-such. You've been Chloe to me for over six months now, and I must say, as much as I liked Elizabeth, I like Chloe better. Cheers! Xx

  6. Aww, I was SO HAPPY and excited when I discovered your real name and saw a picture of you on Instagram, Chloe! You have such a beautiful name, and you look so pretty too! It was lovely to "meet" the person we've known for so long on Literary Lane. :)

    P.S. I always had a suspicion your name was Chloe, as I think that in one of your very first posts on Literary Lane you commented you signed your name as Chloe :). (Yes, ahem. . . I was one of those starry-eyed blog-readers who stalked - in a totally nice, fangirl way - your every post and visited the archives just for fun *blush*!). And then when I knew your sister's real name was Carmel I figured your names must have matching letters! :D

    Ahh, but what a beautiful new blog-design. 'Tis gorgeous and fresh. Hannah always does the most amazing website and blog designs, and she definitely captured "your blog" very nicely. I would like to make a design makeover with Hannah again, only that I am still in love with the one she made me almost two years ago! :D

    It has been lovely getting to know you and reading your blog over these years - seeing how it's grown with you, and following your literary exploits and your faith journey has been a joy! Yours has always been one of my favourite blogs! It will be fun also to read a little of your collage peeks ^_^ That should be nice. Any idea what you'll be studying?

  7. By the way, I just read your "About Page" and loved it so much; it's amazing how much we have in common :). God bless, Chloe!

  8. Your blog is are gorgeous...I love that I can now call your Chloe. Jeegly Clambake.

  9. I absolutely love your new blog design. I started blogging about 9 months ago, and I use a pen name, but I hope to reveal my real name sometime, and perhaps when I finally realize my dream of becoming published. I've always been a little nervous to do that because I'm not sure what the reaction would be and if it would be difficult for people to get used to my new name, but based on your name reveal, I hope it will go smoothly. Congrats on five years and counting of blogging.


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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