God Has Given You One Face

17 August 2013

. . . and you make yourself another.
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

I've always held that busy, grey, school-filled days are best suited to fun blog posts. If we're to go about pointing fingers, Mirriam started it with her dream cast for a book she'd recently read. Jenny and Bree continued it, only they used their own characters. And though it's taken me some time to compile the pictures (Blogger never will learn to cooperate), I've decided to cast my lot with the rest and join in. Many of these individuals haven't been officially introduced up to this point, simply because their respective books are only in the planning stages, and I'm afraid this is all you're going to get until I'm ready to unveil. All the same, I thought you'd enjoy getting a peek at the people that frequent my mind.

Note: Many of these photos come from films and/or television programs which I have not seen. For that reason, I cannot recommend the sources themselves. I've included the pictures only because they are close depictions of my own characters.

Also, I've included a few horses in the mix, since they are most certainly characters.

Susannah Dixon (quite close — Susannah's a little younger at Rifles' beginning).
Kenneth Hughes.
The late Elizabeth Dixon.
Artemis, the moon-white mare.
Eva Hughes.
Malcolm Noyes. He's a pretty decent chap.
Violet Bradshaw.
Lillian Prescott, looking more melancholy than is usually her wont.
Anna Bradshaw.
Grace Bradshaw.
Mercédès. She's a stranger in a strange land.

Antón de Rojas, the red warrior. Let all who cross him beware. 
Agnes Randolph.

How do you picture your characters?

6 epistles:

  1. Ooh, I really am liking these posts. Even though several different bloggers are really doing the same thing, each post is different because of the characters.
    And I love the horse pictures (I'm a big horse fan).
    Now I'm thinking about doing my own post like this. :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the post, Rebekah! Please do put up one of your own — I'd love to be able to see how you imagine your characters.

  2. Ah ha! here we go. Your characters run quite the gamut. I sense a definite shift from before Grace Bradshaw to the characters after. (Giles' picture is a favourite of mine, and closely resembles one of my characters as well.) Susannah Dixon looks just about exactly the way I had pictured her. Her mother looks beautiful - but then deceased mothers are always beautiful. Lillian Prescott and Mercédès are quite the beauties as well! And those horses? I'll just take them, thanks...

    1. The shift you recognized is one half due to my own maturing and the other half due to the natures of my plots. Mercédès' world, as you may have guessed from her name, is set in Spain, which means the undertones are mainly ebony, scarlet, and gold. That contrasts dramatically when placed after my characters from Violets Are Blue, all of which were created years ago and tend more toward a palette of blues, greys, and whites.

      I'm glad you find the pictures accurate! Pinterest was a big help in this case; I had only to scour through my story-boards to find the majority of these images. The young women are all lovely in their own way — somehow or another, no matter how hard I try, I can never write a plain character without some small beauty peeping out after a time. And as for the horses, I lay prior claim to them. ^.^

  3. Kenneth Hughs is perfect, PERFECT! (and no, that's not just because he is Ioan Gruffard)... and Elizabeth Dixon is SO PWITTY!!! :D you sure do have a fine looking cast, mon dear Elizabeth ^_^.

    1. I'm glad you're pleased with Kenneth, as I had a hard time finding a face to suit him. Ioan Gruffudd is not a perfect match, but he's very close. :)


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