Poem of the Week: Write Upon These Pages by Michaela Ferrar

11 January 2013

I first discovered this beautiful poem on my friend Michaela's blog when she shared it as an ode to the new year's start. The verses worked their way into my heart and buried themselves there, so with the authoress' permission, I am sharing her magnum opus (or rather, one of her magna opera) today as this week's poem. Though I love poetry, the writing of it is a task I don't often undertake, since I find it quite difficult trying to fit my thoughts into neat and even lines. The fact that Michaela has done so, all the while retaining the beauty and hope of her original sentiment, is quite inspiring to me. On that note, please enjoy!

Write Upon These Pages
By Michaela Ferrar

Write upon these pages Lord
This year unblemished, white
An empty, snowy canvas
Shadowed by uncertain "might".

My life has been a short one
Of sunbeams, dancing days
Golden, creamy moon-shine
Young hopes and carefree play.

Yes I know that You've been weeping
I see Your eyes so kind
Seas of deepest passion
Understanding and Divine. 

You seem a distant shadow
A silent, phantom breath
Forever there, just watching
In merciful, forgiving stealth.

Write upon these pages Lord
This pointless, shallow life
Like trees unrobed in winter
When Jack Frost bears his knife.

Driving dreams to slumber
Hiding all within
The enchanted sleep of winter
When the world must cease her din.

And underneath that stillness
As Mother Nature floats
In patient mantled waiting
Of listless, untold hopes.

That's me, the girl there watching
From a window cold with dread
With a soul of crushing sorrow
Teaming with the living dead.

I scale a shining future
I hear the battles call
I feel it in my bosom
I see the towering wall.

That guards this time of waiting
These pages, stark and blank
Flowing with Life's-River
To it's barren, lonely bank.

Write upon these pages Lord
As I write on my white sheet
This page of perfect purity 
Now black with smattered ink.

With thoughts of fairy-gardens
Of twinkling, starry hours
Swirling, sugared dew-drops
Tangled, rose-climbed bowers.

If life were only dream-land
How sweet, how fresh it'd seem
Skipping down the shoreline 
Of a careless, bubbling stream.

No walls to keep me waiting
No window etched in snow
No page to call my canvas
No poem to flex my bow.

I'd skip across eternity
In endless, carefree dance
Waltzing with the dryads
A storybook romance.

Burst you now my bubble?
Oh cruel, relentless life!
God's there, forever calling
"Only look and see My Light."

You bend so I can see You
And into my ear You say
"Patience, my dear child
You and I will fight the day."

"This page is blank but for a time
This waiting but a test
And soon you'll see, my child
That in ME you'll find your rest."

"I'll help you fill these pages
With all your carefree dreams
But take each trial gladly
Things aren't always what they seem."

Write upon these pages Lord
That wall, you say it's Yours?
It's there, just like my window
Keeping safe a soul that burns

With a world so vast and waiting
With spoiled, travel-lorn plans
With a heart that wants a difference
To impact with giving hands.

And past those rainbow wanderings
Into something deeper still
The true, undaunted calling
Of my Master's Time and Will.

Only then I'll paint my canvas
With worlds of colored glass
And God with endless winter
Will melt my page at last.

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2 epistles:

  1. This made me smile widely! :) Thank you so much, my dear, sweet friend. I'm really flattered. . .and so glad you liked the poem! ::hugsandblessings::

  2. A beautiful poem that touched my heart. :) Thank-you for sharing this!


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