Guest Post: What a Character Needs

26 November 2012

Hello, all!  My name is Hope Ellison, the main character of the work-in-progress Cry of Hope.  On behalf of my matron who guides my life (her name is Emily, by the way), I am taking over this guest post on Elizabeth’s lovely blog.  Titled bluntly and simply What a Character Needs, it is not at all surprising that I should be the one to give you the list on what you must do in order to nurture a healthy, obedient character.  So without all the opening lines that speakers use when going into a long lecture, I shall go straight on to giving you my advice on this topic . . . and I hope fellow characters will appreciate my efforts to tell aspiring authors and real authors what we need.

Item 1

Do you truly expect we will follow your will all of the time?  Being forced to do things we do not wish to do, being forced to be something we are not: that is what causes us to take our lives into our own hands at times and rebel drastically.  If you give us a gentle amount of freedom at all times, being willing to change something if we choose not to go the way you say, or excepting with open arms the fact we may not be as you try to make us be.  This is giving us freedom; and we all need it dreadfully. 

Item 2
Allowed Fun

Lemonade without sugar is sour; and so is a life without some fun.  Please, dear friends, don’t remove all of our fun.  Constantly plaguing us with disease, heartache, famine . . .  while I suppose this may be necessary, why must you allow all lemons and no sugar?  Consider adding in some playtime to orphans, joking to cabin boys, parties to maids, or quilting bees to widows.  It really takes a load off our shoulders, let me tell you.  If this so damages your story plot, you might use it by way of some . . .

Item 3
Extracurricular Activities

Life gets tedious seeing the same things day by day, doing nothing novel and new.  This wears down our spirits, and if the grind goes on too long, I must warn, we may attempt to overthrow you.  Therefore, why not allow us some extracurricular activities?  A blog post such as this would let us socialize with people of your society, throwing us into another world would bring out our creative side.  Anything out of the ordinary would do! 

Item 4
Tender Loving Care

This one should be obvious to you.  Every person in your world need it.  It’s a well-known fact.  So why not take the techniques in your world and use those wholesome treatments on us?  

How, you ask, do you treat a character with tender loving care?  That is what this list is for, my friends.  Follow it with all your heart, do not stoop to the Cruel Author’s ways, and you may rest assured you are treating us with tender loving care.

. . .

Emily is a homeschool student living in Tennessee, who has a patriotic spirit and a heart for her Lord.  Her imaginative mind is constantly on the go, and she lives out that imagination through reading, writing, and a dabble of photography.  Her loves include Narnia, old-fashioned things, Dollywood, family and friends, being happy, her characters, and finding kindred spirits.  You can read more about her and her work-in-progress over at her blog, A Thousand Words, located in a wee little valley amidst Writerly Hill (you reach it by turning left at the end of Literary Lane).

2 epistles:

  1. Hello Hope! I see that your matron, Emily, has shown you tender loving care in how I see you through this post and through all I've heard of your character in Cry of Hope. Thank you for all the tips, I am sure to try and apply them to my characters and not stoop to Cruel Author's Ways!


    1. Pleasure to meet you, Joy! I suppose she has been kind thus far (though I am rather distressed that she chose to leave dear Constance behind). Considering her love toward me, on the other hand, she is doing fairly well. Fairly, mind you, for the young lady could do better if she chose...

      --Hope Ellison (main character of Cry of Hope)


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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