Beautiful People — Kenneth Hughes

14 November 2012

Writing Rifles in the South Field for NaNo this month has kept me on my toes, and as such, I haven't had the time I would desire to write a logical blog post. The thoughts in my head are all directed towards my dear W.I.P., and if I were to start writing an instructional post on some aspect of word-crafting, I'm afraid each of you would find it entirely illogical. (I'm also saving Snippets for the end of the month.) With that in mind, Beautiful People is a wonderful answer to the question of posting something related to Rifles without giving entirely too much plot away. Today I'm focuing my attention on a certain British soldier known as

kenneth hughes

1. Do they have any habits, annoying or otherwise?

Kenneth knows just the right words to effectively penslay those with whom he comes in contact. Unfortunately, he has not yet learned to do this graciously, and his acquaintances often find him irritating.

2. What is their backstory and how does it affect them now?

Kenneth's father died an honorable death fighting for England in the French and Indian War. After the father's death, the son feels a particular responsibility towards his widowed mother and spoiled younger sister. The courage and passion that propelled his father seem not to be present in him, though, so his choice to fight against the patriots in the Revolution was more out out of obligation than real spirit.

3. How do they show love?

He isn't particulary emotional or outward in the way he shows love. He loves a precious few, but he would lay his life down for them.

4. How competitive are they?

Kenneth, like most young men of his age, is extremely competitive. When provoked, he will say and do things that he often regrets later on.

5. What do they think about when nothing else is going on?

Kenneth longs to have truly known his father. The elder Mr. Hughes died when his son was but seven years old, though his renown lives on in the words of those who knew him. Kenneth hears a good deal about his father's great deeds, and it wears against him after a time. He would love to have known the real man, rather than being constantly reminded of the large shadow in which he daily walks.

6. Do they have an accent?

Being that he's British, I hardly need answer that question.

7. What is their station in life?

Kenneth is a private in the British army.

8. What do others expect from them?

Mrs. Hughes expects that her son will follow in her late husband's footsteps and join the army, eventually becoming a well-respected and courageous leader. Eva, Kenneth's sister, would have him marry sooner than later. One and twenty is frightfully ancient in her young mind.

9. Where were they born, and when?

Kenneth was born in Bradford-on-Avon in July of 1756.

10. How do they feel about people in general?

I'll leave that for you to decide.

"I don’t go seeking friendship, if that’s what you were asking."
Rifles in the South Field

2 epistles:

  1. Ooh, I really like this, Lizzy! :) You chose a wonderful era to write in (hurrah for the birth of our nation!), and I must say, 'Rifles' keeps catching onto my interest and dragging me after it. :)

  2. Ohh... love it. :D I find this story completely intriguing, and love getting these glimpses! :)


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