Update on the VAB giveaway.

03 August 2012

{Yes, I know I'm posting twice on one day . . . you won't tell, right? Of course right!}

There has been a slight change in the rules for my giveaway. I realized that it may be a bit too difficult for someone to madly guess random blogs, as if he were throwing darts at a target while blindfolded. The odds of hitting upon the right blog once — much less several times — are not really in anybody's favor. So, I've decided to make the game a bit easier, and quite a lot more fun (at least I think so). Here's how it's going to work:

The day before (and only the day before) each of my blog tour stops, you can go to the giveaway post to guess where I'll be stopping the next day. Underneath the next day's date, I will have listed the names of three or four different blogs. Pick the answer you believe to be correct, and send it to me in an email (literarylaneblog{at}gmail{dot}com). Sound simple enough? Remember, as soon as the location is revealed, the voting closes. So you have to stop by on the day before! If it's helpful, you can write down the dates of my stops, which are all listed in that post.

Have fun guessing, ladies!

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