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01 August 2012

Welcome to day one of my Violets Are Blue blog tour! Today I officially set out on my journey to the various corners of the blogosphere, stopping along the way for tea and crumpets at some of the loveliest blogs I know. Won't you join me?

For my first stop, I am making a short trek ('tis no more than a mile or two) to my darling sister's blog, Tea & Bree, where she will be doing a review for my book. She's included a few quotes that have not appeared on this blog before, so go ahead and take a peek. (And while you're at it, reading some of her other posts wouldn't be a bad idea either. ;))

Here is a short excerpt of the review:

Elizabeth began writing this book about two years ago. At the time, I was both astonished (my sister is writing an actual book? no way!) and curious (what's it gonna be about? is it really going to be as good as those other books out there? I mean, it's only my sister...*wink*) But when the final product came out, I was pleasantly surprised. Not to mention proud to say that I helped her edit it, gave her some plot advice, etc. and that I was always the first person to hear her eleven-thirty P.M. inspiration, because we share a bedroom. Even if at the time I was frustrated that she was keeping me up. :) And then, because I was doing this book review, I got the opportunity to read the book again . . .

Click here to read the entire review at Tea & Bree.

3 epistles:

  1. I am a reader of your blog and just yesterday I was thinking, "I have to visit Elizabeth's blog and find out about that book she wrote!" I wanted to ask you where can I purchase it:)

    This sound like fun!

    May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands:)

  2. Hello, Kianna.

    Thank you for your kind words! My book can be found on here:

    Have a lovely day!

    Elizabeth Rose

  3. So exciting! I hope to read your book soon, it sounds like a really lovely read, and it still amazes me that a girl around my own age could write and finish their very own book. So awesome!


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