The Time Has Come For Us to Part.

31 August 2012

Gianni Strino - La lettera
It is with great regret that I announce, on this thirty-first of August in the year of our Lord 2012, that my blog tour has come to its proper denoument. It has been a great adventure, and I would like to extend my hearty thanks to all who offered me the stage of their blogs for a day. Under the circumstances, I thought it fitting that the grand finale of this tour should have something to do with endings. Thus, I give you the last stop for the Violets Are Blue blog tour: a guest post about how to close a book well at dear Kellie's site, Accordion to Kellie ("d" was correct!). There are those who close books too quickly, those who ramble on and on for hours, and those who can do it just right. What is that constitutes just the right conclusion? Why don't you drop in and find out?

sneak peak:

You've done the seemingly impossible. All those sleepless nights and countless mugs of tea are about to pay off in the next few moments. Memories of writer's block and the tears you wept over that horrid chapter fourteen are forgotten in the unmistakable glory of your success. Your book is finished. The plot is intriguing and creative, your characters are dynamic, and your dialogue flows with all the grace and ease of water over mossy rocks. You even have a creative title that evokes the beauty of your story in a few poetic words. You're soaring on cloud nine, singing at the top of your lungs, "I did not live until today!"

. . . Well, not quite.

Before you can start designing your book's cover and planning the movie adaption, there's one little matter to settle, and it comes right before those two little words: THE END. That's right — I'm speaking of your story's last few sentences. They could easily be called the most important part of a book, for they are the lines that stick in the reader's head long after the final page has been turned. You may have a general idea of where all your characters should be when the book concludes, but how are you supposed to draw it all together so effortlessly that the reader is given a feeling of completion?

Click here to read the full post at Accordion to Kellie.

P.S. Let's give many rounds of congratulations to Emily for winning the Violets Are Blue giveaway! Please email me with your address, and I'll get your autographed copy in the mail as soon as possible. :) Congratulations, dear girl!

12 epistles:

  1. Congratulations to Emily! I've so enjoyed reading your posts on this blog tour, Lizzy. This sounds rather obvious, but you definitely have a way with words. Now I'm really dying to read Violets are Blue!

  2. It's sad to see the tour end, but everything has its time, I suppose. And I'm happy to have been a part of it.
    I loved the various points you talked about, and have gained quite a few good tips for this adventure of editing I have been in, and tips for writing more of my books.
    I just hope I can get my hands on Violets are Blue soon!

  3. Awww it's over! :/ Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

    Congrats Emily for winning the book! ;)

  4. What a lovely blog tour this was, Elizabeth Rose! I so enjoyed it, and I am sorry to see it end. :-( I can't wait to read Violets are Blue either. Yet do, dear, hurry with Rifles, and I hope it gets published - I'm the first one standing in line for it!

    Your writing is amazing! Your characters and description sounds perfectly delightful! Best wishes for your writing, Author Elizabeth Rose! :-)

    Thank you for taking us on your blog tour; these posts were all wonderful, and I found myself waiting with anticipation for the next one.

    A fellow writer,


  5. Hello Elizabeth!
    I happened upon your lovely blog one day this fine week, and have been thoroughly charmed by your writing style, passion for history, and adoration of Jesus Christ! I have now determined that I simply must read Violets Are Blue, to satiate my growing curiosity of what may lay between those pages. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with the blogging community, reading your posts adds an extra bit of sunshine to my day!
    Sarah M.

  6. ...I what? You say I WON?! Gracious! goodness! 'tis so exciting! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to send you an email very soon, Elizabeth. And as I told you before, this blog tour has been truly delightful, and I thank you for doing it! :)

    P.s. Fellow bloggers, your kind congratulations really made my day! I thank each and every one of you! :)

  7. I have so enjoyed this blog tour, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for, time and time again, gracing my dashboard with such lovely posts.

    -God bless,

  8. A great post, Elizabeth! So true about too much or too little in an ending... you know, I just love the ending to "The Return of the King" when Sam says, "Well, I am back." Wow, that was just perfect!!

    Thanks for this helpful post... I have pulled off one ending to a short story, by repeating a line that ran in the middle of story... "My child, love never fails." So it was quite, final. I don't know how well it will go with The Crown of Life though.

    Anyway, this was a lovely, lovely blog tour, Elizabeth dear, and I so enjoyed your stop on my blog as well. There were so many lovely things we all gleaned from this tour, and one of the things that I got out of it the most is just how lovely a person you are and how much I am grateful I got to know you a wee bit better; I also can't wait to be able get to read Violets are Blue!!

    Blessings in Christ, dear sister.

    P.S. congrats, Emily, for winning!!

  9. Hello Elizabeth!
    I found your blog though Kellie's at Accordian to Kellie, and I must say, I am so happy I found your blog!

    You see, I used to write -- like a lot. I used to write every single day. I used to participate in NaNoWriMo and completed a novel of 50,000 words in one month when I was 15. But that was a long time ago. I wrote from the age of 10 till 17 almost every single day. For seven long years I wrote through thick and thin. In the chill of a winters morning at the computer at 5:00 am in the dark, I would sit there and write just to be sure I got all my word count done for the day before I started school.

    But then things changed, and I grew up in a way, and my passion for writing and the dreams of being a published author slipped away from my grasp even though I fought against it and tried to love my stories as much as before -- but somehow something had changed and I didn't find myself writing much. And then one day I realized I was not a writer anymore.

    It has been two and a half years since I last wrote consistently -- and while I am grateful for these last two years I have learned so much in that time there was always something missing. I came across your blog and that writer deep within me got all giddy and excited. You know, that deep bubbly feeling when you come up with a vague idea for a story and are itching to tell it in lovely words that make up a book, but you aren't quite sure where to start?

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you totally reminded me of the joy and pain of being a writer, and I think I might have something to write about this time that is worth all the pain and frustrations of being a writer. Reading your posts and parts of your story that you have posted makes me want to write once more. Seeing your enthusiasm for telling lovely stories is apparent in your writing style and blog, and it encouraged me to try again. You see, maybe -- just maybe, I will be able to write again.

    So thank you more than you know! And have a lovely day!

  10. Congratulations, dear heart, on the end of a very successful blog tour! It was a brilliant idea, and I've enjoyed hopping around reading the different posts highlighting you and your hard work on VAB, as well as posting once myself. I'll be praying for you as you work on Rifles, and looking forward to reading that too someday!

  11. Amy — Aww, you're such a sweet friend. :) *hugs* Thank you!

    Rhoswen — I'm glad you enjoyed the tour, and it's nice to hear that you gleaned some wisdom from my posts. I felt quite inadequate writing them at times, especially in comparison with the many brilliant bloggers I know. Your little note made my day. :)

    Nela — Thank you for following along on the tour!

    Patience — You're too kind; I'm afraid I deserve none of your praise. All the same, thank you for the encouragement — your comments are always a welcome sight.

    Sarah — Your note made my day. I am glad my blog has blessed you, and can only give the credit to Jesus. Do send me an email if you read Violets Are Blue: I should dearly love to hear your thoughts!

    Emily — *dances an exuberant jig* I think you already know my thoughts on this matter. ;)

    Larkin — It makes me happy to see that you enjoyed the tour so much! Thank you for the opportunity to post something on your lovely blog.

    Joy — I love how your comments are always so heartfelt and deliciously long. :) Thank you for interviewing me on your blog; it was truly one of the highlights of my tour, and I hope to return the favor soon. It has been such fun getting to know you better through email, even through my constant blunders over the time change. :P

    Molly — I am amazed and humbled by your comment, and can only praise the Lord that my blog has inspired you to write once more. That is what I love the most about blogging: the community of young ladies coming together to sharpen each other's pens. Please stick around for a while; I should love to get to know you better!

    Jo — Thank you for the absolutely lovely review you posted. It made my week, as I'm sure you already know. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! Your prayers in regard to Rifles are greatly appreciated. Sending much love and many hugs your way! xoxo

  12. That was a wonderful blog tour! Congratulations to Emily for winning!


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