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20 August 2012

As I mentioned nearly a week ago, there are certain blogs that stand out to me above the rest. What I love most in a young lady's site can not be found in the clothes she wears, the food she eats, the books she reads, or the movies she watches (although matching opinions on such topics does make for good ice-breaking). Rather, what I love best about the blogs I enjoy is the heart of the author behind it. She doesn't have to be perfectly eloquent, nor does she need a $600 camera to catch my eye. Her spirit comes alive through the screen, and her heart for the Lord spills out into everything she says and does. Last week, I spoke specifically of Joy in this respect; not surprisingly, her sister, Sarah, has the same gift. And though you won't exactly get to read Sarah's own words today, as I am guest posting at her blog, I hope you take the time to read through her archives when you are finished with my article on pride and the Titanic.

sneak peak:

It is known as the greatest marine disaster in the world. Mention the name Titanic to anyone, and they will immediately think of the "unsinkable" ocean liner and her tragic end on April 14th, 1912. The film of the same name is one of the highest grossing movies in the world (though whether that has to do with the historical background [flawed though it may be] or the romance is a subject worth debating). Everyone knows about the Titanic.

Having reached the centennial of her infamous sinking just this April, the Titanic seems to be present in everyone's minds now more than ever. Why is that? What lures us to the heartbreaking story? Perhaps it is the courageous way in which men of all classes stood aside to let their beloved wives and children go first in the lifeboats, knowing full well that it meant perishing in the icy waves. Perhaps it is purely the drama and excitement of the night. Or perhaps it is the fact that this grand ocean liner whose makers claimed was unsinkable actually struck an iceberg and went down, causing the deaths of nearly fifteen hundred people.

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  1. Great post, Elizabeth! I really like historical comparisons like see what made certain events different (or the same) and to discover why. What we always see, though, is Gods Soverignty over all and His wisdom and righteous judgements. It makes us love and fear Him more and more. 

    Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for your gracious introduction. I'm humbled, encouraged, and blessed to know my blog has been a blessing to you. The beauty of the Lord shines in your blog, too, bringing many blessings to many. 

    I hope to have you again on my blog in the future:) 

    Many blessings, 


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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