I'm Going to Write Historical Fiction Because I Cannot Help It.

29 August 2012

I'm just going to write
That oft-repeated question of why I chose to write historical fiction over all the other genres open to me has made its appearance in many of my interviews throghout the course of my blog tour. However, as is normally the case with interviews, I wasn't given the proper amount of time or space to fully explain my reasons. The answer I can best give in such circumstances is a brief, "Um, well . . . I love history?" But today you get to hear the full backstory about my passion for history in the guest post I wrote for Payton at Dirt and Dickens (choice "b" was correct!). I did not know of Payton's blog until she emailed me several weeks ago, but I can't fathom why. She's kind, funny, and intelligent, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her and her blog better in the months to come. I highly suggest you stick around and meet that most peculiar mademoiselle when you're finished reading the guest post.

sneak peak:

For as long as I can remember, Daddy has told my siblings and I stories about events in history. Whether he is recalling something from memory or reading it from a book, history and the men and women who changed it are his true passion. He loves reading about how ancient Greek philosophy and Roman rule of law affected our American Constitution. As a descendant of a soldier in the American Revolution (said soldier’s rope bed is in our attic — how amazing is that?), history is in his blood. And as I won’t be the first to tell you that I bear a striking resemblance in both looks and character to my father, it shouldn’t surprise you that he passed this love down to me . . .

Click here to read the full post at Dirt and Dickens.

P.S. Don't forget to guess where I'm stopping tomorrow!

2 epistles:

  1. Historical fiction is just so lovely! Seriously my fav genre! Love writing, and love your blog!

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, what you wrote here just captures so much of why I love writing historical fiction so much too... in the literary sense, history is the perfect canvas for a tale, even if there does need LOTS of research and as you put it "understanding" of the times and events one's writing in. My family love history too, (Sarah is a History student) and the whole family love watching historical movies, historical biographies and discussing such very fascinating topics together at the dinner table or on a Saturday morning around breakfast...

    I think also there is so much to learn from both reading and writing in historical settings. When I read a historical fiction, besides enjoying the tale, I like to come out not only with a love for the characters, plot or theme but also an understanding or a new knowledge of history... With me it was not a conscience thing that I did when I decided to write historical fiction in the beginning of my writing journey; it simply threw itself on me and the tale demanded to be written in that genre... and I am so glad I did. Like you, maybe one day, I shall attempt fantasy, mystery or science-fiction (in fact, I'd love to!)... but historical fiction is the genre closest to my heart too :).

    Lovely post, dear Elizabeth :).


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