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11 August 2012

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Today Miss Emily is hosting me for an interview over at her blog, A Thousand Words (those who guessed "c" were correct!). We've had a wonderful time conversing and getting to know each other over email, and during this time I learned that Emily does not find quite so much pleasure in a cup of tea as she does in a glass of cool pink lemonade. Though she chose to drink lemonade, she was kind enough to make me a cup of Irish Breakfast tea while we chatted about books, writing, and whether or not I would allow a movie to be made of Violets Are Blue. Be a dear and pop over to say hello, won't you?

sneak peak:

(6) Which would you recommend to aspiring authors: self-publishing or traditional publishing?

I think it depends on the writer. Self-publishing is perfect for new authors who want a simple, do-it-yourself approach to publishing, without too much commitment. If you are pursuing an active career as an author and are willing to put the time into writing and submitting query letters to various publishing houses, traditional publishing is probably the better approach for you. Organizing book signings and other promotional events is much harder when you self-publish, but doing promotion on your own for a while gives you a bit of an edge when seeking traditional publication. It all hinges on your personal motives and goals. For more information, I highly recommend 
this excellent article by Abigail J. Hartman, author of The Soldier's Cross.

 Click here to read the full interview at A Thousand Words.

3 epistles:

  1. Okay, Elizabeth Rose, these just get better and better! I was a dear and bopped over there for you, and had a wonderful time! I loved how the blogger introduced you!

    Thank you so much - this was simply charming!


  2. Hello I've been reading your blog and have really enjoyed your posts!



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