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03 August 2012

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Today I am making a stop at Näna's delightful nook in cyberspace, By the Way. She was kind enough to host me for a review and a mini interview. I've known Näna for over two years now, and she can turn the simplest of occasions into an unforgettable story. (Not to mention she's a fabulous party planner, though she would never own it.) She asked some wonderful questions, and I only hope my answers did them justice. We've been discussing Violets Are Blue a great deal, so hop on over and join us! Who knows? You might learn something new . . .

sneak peak:

Where/when did you first get the idea to write a book?

I was particularly interested in the story of the Titanic during the summer of 2010 (some might call it an obsession). I had read the books about the tragic sinking; now I wanted to write one for myself. But the problem was that there were already far too many novels, journals, and other stories written about characters who were on the ship itself. I desired to write about the Titanic, but there was no need for another book of this manner. We all know how the story of the Titanic ends: how could I rewrite that age-old tale in a way that was new and interesting?

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3 epistles:

  1. I think I'm going to go drink some tea.

  2. An absolutely wonderful interview, Elizabeth Rose! I am really enjoying your blog tour!

    Violets are Blue sounds wonderful, and I can't wait to own my own copy! Note: It's on my mile-long wishlist. :-)


    P.S. Okay, maybe that "mile-long" statement was a bit of an exaggeration. But true as you live, my wishlist is REALLY LONG! There are SO many books I am pining away for...

  3. I enjoyed this stop very much, Elizabeth. The interview was great, and I just loved your answers; on a side note, I too like to open up my blog (or sometimes even yours!) to listen to the calming music while writing; but I loved your point about perseverance and 'keeping at the job', and setting reasonable goals that can be met. It sure needs a lot of that, whether you are an newbie writer or a veteran one, doesn't it!

    Getting Violets are Blue is on the top of my buy-book list :)...

    God bless!


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