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08 August 2012

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Before I was an official novel-writer, I journaled. I journaled a lot. Writing about my daily activities each night truly helped to improve the quality of my writing, and to this day, I love looking back at old journal entries from when I was but six or seven years old and watching the progression. Today, you get to hear more about how I first started journaling and where it took me at the darling Amy Dashwood's site, Yet Another Period Drama Blog (those who guessed "b" were correct!). Amy herself has authored a book titled Only a Novel, and it would be a novel idea to read some of her snippets once you are finished reading the guest post.

sneak peak:

The best advice I have been given on writing is to keep doing it. Just like a person cannot become a professional dancer solely through watching The Nutracker repeatedly, a writer will never grow unless he actually begins to put pen to paper. Journaling is the simplest step with which to begin, because it requires little invention on your own part (yes, I know that sounds terribly dull on the surface, but we all have to begin somewhere).

It was a warm day in late spring . . .

Click here to read the full post at Yet Another Period Drama Blog.

P.S. Don't forget to guess where I'll be stopping tomorrow!

2 epistles:

  1. Wonderful, Elizabeth Rose! Simply Charming!

    Journaling is such a wonderful tool.

    Thank you so much!


  2. A wonderful guest post, Elizabeth!

    You have given me an appetite to get back to journal-writing again; I have sporadically scribbled on random notebooks throughout my childhood, but not so regularly like you've done. Ah, I DO need to get back it to it.

    Thank you for writing this.
    God bless, dear.

    ~Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com


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