A Royal Review with Raquel.

30 August 2012

If I'm perfectly honest, I will say that my favorite stops during this blog tour o' mine (which sadly ends tomorrow *wipes a tear*) are the book reviews. Not because they praise me and my book to the skies (and if they did, I would worry about their sanity, since I feel Violets Are Blue is easily surpassed by hundreds of other books) but because it's refreshing to hear someone's honest, unbiased review of your work. I had sent Miss Raquel a free copy of VAB to review, and today her kind assessment of the book is up on her blog, God's Daughter ("b" was correct!). Raquel is a dear blogging friend of mine, and it was such a pleasure to work with her. Enjoy the excerpt below, and be sure to stick around and read Raquel's other posts — you'll be sure to leave her blog blessed.

sneak peak:

Violet Bradshaw is a fourteen year old girl, living with her family of nine in Eastbourne, Great Britain.  Due to certain circumstances, her father decides to move the family to New York.  Violet is forced to leave behind everything she knows in this pivotal change - including her best friend Lillian Prescott.  Violet is faced with the possibility of never seeing her friend since childhood again.

My Thoughts:
I thought it was well written for being someone's first novel.  Elizabeth Rose wrote it in first-person which (to me, anyway) is difficult to write well.  I like how Violet and her family are Christians, but she doesn't make that a huge center focus of the book.  She puts it in just when needed and I like that.
The family is very sweet and solidly built (something greatly lacking in today's world) . . .

Click here to read the full review at God's Daughter.

P.S. It's your last chance to guess where I'm stopping tomorrow! And anyone who tells me why I called my review with Raquel "royal" gets another 3 points. :)

2 epistles:

  1. Book reviews are always a combination of excitement and anxiety. Of course you are interested in hearing what other people think of your work, but there is always that possibility that someone will not have liked it (we all have our preferences) and will have said so. Forcefully. A thick skin is something that is hard to develop.

    But your book was admirably reviewed! Congratulations. ^.^ It has been a lot of fun following your progress through your blogging tour.

  2. Hello I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. Congratulations on your books Violets are Blue. I also love writing historical fiction especially on the time period of Civil War and World War 2. =)



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