July Snip-Whippets

26 July 2012

I have been entirely invested in one work this month, and that would be Rifles in the South Field. Being my project for Actually Finishing Something July, I am not just inspired but duty-bound to work on it. This is my first time linking up with Katie's monthly Snippets, and I am quite excited at the prospect of joining each month. It will keep me inspired to write regularly, I hope.

He turned to look at his daughter. The strawberry-blonde curls framed her face in a lopsided way, and her eyes were filled with more fear than he had seen in a long time. It put him in the mind of the girl she had been at age ten, when he had whispered brokenly to her that Mama wouldn’t be coming back.
Rifles in the South Field

The more he told himself she would be fine, the less he believed it.
Rifles in the South Field

My, my, you’d think we were feedin’ a host of field mice instead of a human girl!”
Rifles in the South Field

She froze, and it was if an icy wave had broken over her. The rivulets running down her cheeks were wiped fiercely away, and there was a cold fire in her eyes. “When do you leave, Papa?” Her haughty question, so lacking in the warmth that often was directed towards her dear papa, hung in the air like a poised dagger.
“As soon as I can.”
“I won’t delay you.” She stood after that, and he didn’t turn, hearing only the light sound of her shoes upon the floor, the bang of the door as she left the room, the rustle of skirts in the hallway, and then all was silent.
Rifles in the South Field

It was all so very trying. She had been told everything her whole life. Doors were opened to her, schedules laid before her, the whole world was an open book, and she was given permission to read it every day for as long as she had lived. Yet now, when she longed to know the truth behind something that had been so oddly concealed, the locks upon the doors were bolted, and even her pleas granted her no access.
Rifles in the South Field

Where did you get that?” Susannah’s laugh would have been louder if Lucy had not pulled her stays once more, this time with a bit of triumph mingled in the action.
King Lear. It’s a play by Shakespeare, you know.”
“Yes, I know, but how do you?” The girl’s voice fairly overflowed with incredulousness.
“One of the older women down in the quarters can read. She only owns two books — The Bible and Lear — and I can never tell which she reads more. You should hear her quote: she can go on for hours!”
Rifles in the South Field

It was altogether too dull of an ending after such a dramatic beginning, the old ladies privately agreed.
Rifles in the South Field

“’Tis the best remedy she knows.” Susannah bit into one of the warm biscuits by her plate. It was light and flaky, just the thing any self-respecting biscuit should be.
Rifles in the South Field 

3 epistles:

  1. Absolutely wonderful, Elizabeth Rose! I am fascinated by Rifles in the South Field! You make it all seem so real, and your description is charming.

    Can't wait to hear more! Best wishes for your writing!


  2. Elizabeth, these are great. I especially love the last one - made me crack. up. :)

    love ya, seester!

  3. Oh my, Elizabeth... these snippets are so good! I am glad you joined in Katie's snippets... they are lots of fun, and the best part about them is that they encourage us to write brilliantly.

    I can see you have a gift with description and setting up an atmosphere... that's simply lovely :). Also though I cannot be a good judge on this, having not read Violets are Blue yet, but from the earlier snippets of VAB which you have shared earlier on, and then now your more recent works, I definitely feel the growth of your writing.

    I especially loved the first, fourth (my, that one was great!) and last snippet, but all of them are really captivating. Looking forward to hearing more :)

    God bless.


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