Poem of the Week: Here Runneth the Path of Fairy Feet by Rachel H.

18 May 2012

A beautiful piece of faerie charm written by my dear friend, Rachel. I can't get enough of her poetry — imagery bends at her command, and the pictures can be so clearly seen in your head. A pen is her brush, a sheet of paper her canvas, and today you get to enjoy the masterpiece that results.

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Here Runneth the Path of Fairy Feet
By Rachel Heffington

Where childhood fancy and twilight meet
Here runneth the path of fairy-feet;
On shadowed road and misty bend
Here coldsome facts of "real life" end,
And the simplest thing on earth would be
To find a dryad 'neath her tree.
She'd comb her locks like shimm'ring ferns
In that hour where the daylight turns.
And you'd never stop to blink your eyes
and say, (Because you're oh, so wise)
"Dryads aren't real--they're quite a myth"
If once you'd been in comp'ny with
A creature like her--lissom fair
With willowy limbs and leafy hair.

Where childhood fancy and twilight meet
Here runneth the path of fairy-feet.
In dusking woods at evenlong
You'll chance to hear an Elven song.
Like beads of dew on honeyed string
The notes, elusive, dip and sing.
And lamps we now call fire-flies
Can one more dazzle in our eyes.
Then we shall learn, as children do,
the things we thought we surely knew.
Fair beings that we'd long forgot
May weave with us a dreamy knot
Content, within this half-light time
To feed us with their storied rhyme.

Where childhood fancy and twilight meet
Here runneth the path of fairy feet
And those who spent the day in bed
Now tip-toe with their soft wings spread
And dance within the brilliant sheen
of moonlight and the summer's green.
The grown-up cares of life must fade
When pondered in that purple glade
Once more we change to half a child
Perfumed with scent of roses wild
And honeysuckle like a crown
That we'd been used to crushing down
Until twilight and fancy met
To tread with us this minuet. 

Have a lovely afternoon, dear ladies!

3 epistles:

  1. What a beautiful work! It was lovely!

  2. this is just lovely ! I shall have to write miss rachel and tell hoe much I enjoyed it.
    Rachel Hope


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