Beautiful People: Anna Bradshaw

05 May 2012

{After much delay, I am linking up for the first time with Beautiful People. I do not know if this will prove a monthly occurrence — only time will tell.}

In the world of Violets Are Blue, we have a very classic turn of events. Elder sister Emma is praised for her steady head and helpful nature, fiesty Helen is uplifted as only a high-spirited lass with a model child for a twin can, and Vi, as heroine of the story, has been discussed and dissected to an extent that is almost painful to her author. But soft, who is that in the shadows? Quiet Anna stands in the corner, a dusty rag in her hand and a smear of dirt on her left cheek. Her innocent eyes, alight with suspicion, flicker to my face, dropping after two seconds to the far more familiar countenance of her boots. Anna is not nearly as helpful and dependable as Emma, nor is she as quick-witted as Helen. She is a sort of in-between character, the docile twin, the middle child. Nothing about her commands any special sort of attention.

Why, that makes her the perfect subject, does it not?

1. What is their favourite type of shoes?

Heavens, Anna doesn't have time to think about shoes. Such a question smacks of Helen, and though the two share a birthday, Anna is nothing like her twin. But if she did have to choose, I suppose she would go with her soft brown boots. They are familiar and comfortable, and she trusts them.

2. Do they journal? 

Anna does not journal at present, but as a more quiet girl by nature, she is always storing up little snippets of writing in her head. She would write them down if she had a book in which to put them.

3. What’s their favorite animal? 

Cats. Anna is very loyal to dear Milky, and would hate to be thought otherwise.

4. What does their average day look like?

Oh, the usual, of course. Rise at seven, dress, make the bed, eat breakfast. Next come lessons at the kitchen table (Anna would much rather knit), the midday meal, chores, time playing outside and on the fire escape, dinner, a bit of reading, and then bed. Helen would comment that nothing very interesting ever happens, but Anna doesn't mind the normalcy. She enjoys the familiar and commonplace things in life.

5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time do they usually wake up? Go to bed?) 

Not much of a morning person, as was shown when Helen tried to wake her up at five o' clock on Christmas morning. She normally rises at seven because Mum expects it, but if it was up to her, she would stay in bed until half past eight. Bedtime is nine o' clock precisely — always has been, always will be, at least to Anna's way of thinking.

6. Do they have a sweet tooth? 

Yes, but not to a point of extremity. Anna does favor a gingerbread biscuit (they call them cookies here in America) every once in a while, but she does not come by them often in New York.

7. What colors are their bedroom? 

She and her sisters are all fit into one room — city apartments of this particular variety are not known for their space — and the beds are so crowded together, one barely notices the walls. If you peek close and wipe away the bits of dust and soot that have collected over the years, you would notice a dull and entirely respectable beige color to the walls. There is a tiny mirror that Violet employs often hanging on one of the walls, as well as the aforementioned beds, but other than that, the room is relatively plain and nondescript.

8. Can they cook? 

Of course. Anna would think it shameful to answer that question otherwise, especially at her advanced age of eleven years. Although she is far more proficient in the world of yarn and needles, Anna is able to make a decent loaf of bread, soup, and the like. Simple fare for simple people.

9. What is their favorite household chore? 

As knitting cannot really be considered a chore, Anna would say folding laundry. She likes making things neat and orderly.

10. Favorite kind of tea?

Anything hot with a dash of sugar. She is not picky.

"You'd best stop daydreaming and get back to work," Anna complained. "How am I to get this floor clean without your help?"
Violets Are Blue

4 epistles:

  1. She reminds me of poor Bethy. I'd love to know her.

  2. I'm excited that you've joined "Beautiful People", Elizabeth. I've done it for two months and I've found that I've discovered so much about my characters through it. Anna looks like a dear sweet girl... I love the picture you've chosen for her.

  3. Anna seems like the type of person I want to befriend. :) Good job explaining her!


  4. Hi Elisabeth Rose {what a beautiful name!}
    I have been reading your blog for a while now after a friend recommended it, and it's up there in my favorite blogs! I like to write stories, poems and journal and your blog encouraged me. When I heard your book was going to be published, I did a little dance around our study for excitement!
    I really like "Little Women", and your Anna made me think of Beth from that story. Could there be a connection?
    -Mae {"all the way" from Australia}


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