"Someone's publishing my book! Hannah, someone's publishing my book!"

11 April 2012

Exuberance is . . . seeing that promising, slim brown box on the front step.

Frustrating is . . . feeling as if your legs cannot carry you up the brick steps fast enough.

Happiness is . . . finally holding your very own book in your hands.

Bewilderment is . . . realizing you wrote every one of those words yourself; that this is your story, your characters.

Emotional is . . . not knowing whether to laugh, scream, or cry. And feeling like doing all three at once.

Nervousness is . . . when the officialness of it all hits you — there's no turning back now.

Bittersweet is . . . realizing that this emotional but rewarding journey is so close to an end.

Hopeful is . . . knowing that this is only the beginning of the adventure.

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p.s. brownie points to anyone who caught the Little Women reference in my title. ;)

25 epistles:

  1. Wow! congratulations!! I haven't been around your blog for that long, so I was wondering if you could give a synopsis of your book?


    1. Hello, Carli~

      Thank you! I'm quite excited. :) You can read more about my book's plot here: http://365daysoftitanic.blogspot.com/p/wheelhouse-about-this-event.html.

      Thank you for commenting!

      Elizabeth Rose

  2. yay! Congratulations! That's super exciting! I pray you sell many copies 'round the globe. :)

  3. Congratulations! Very inspiring!

    Wonderful front cover!

    ~Rose M. from thegoldenroadblog.blogspot.com

  4. Oh, congratulations, dearest friend!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! *hugs* Do you know where your books are to be sold {online or in Christian book stores?}

    >>----> come stop for tea @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  5. Oh my goodness! I think I missed something! The last thing I heard, you were sending this to an editor!

    HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!! So, are you self-publishing this or are you getting it published by a company? I mean, self-publishing is technically done by companies too, haha, but hopefully you know what I mean. I am most curious!

    And I guess I get brownie points, because I DID catch the reference. :D

    Congratulations! The cover looks beautiful.

  6. Wow!! Beautiful cover. It really looks lovely. Are you self publishing, or was this through a publisher? Congratulations!

  7. oh my word! congrats dear! giveaway soon so maybe one of us can get a copy? ;)

  8. CONGRATS!!!!! Where can I buy it???!?!?!?

  9. I caught the Little Women touch in your title:) Congradulations! Writing and publishing a book of your own is wonderful. May the Lord prosper all of your future endeavors:)

  10. All I can say is- please tell us more!! I second all of the questions. Did you go the magical self publishing route? When can we buy it?! A giveaway soon? And yes- I instantly envisioned Little Women!

  11. Oh, WOW! Congratulations, Elizabeth! I am really happy for you! The book cover is gorgeous... really beautiful, and attractive too :). It must be a wonderful thrill to get your own real books in your hand. I pray that the Lord blesses you in your future writing endeavors, as well as in this book. Is it a Christian themed book, or more moral-themed or just a nice story? (Sorry for all those questions, I am just so excited for you!)

    I'd so love to win this giveaway, but if not, then I will have to consider buying it soon =D.
    BTW, is the Amazon self-publishing service good? (because my friends and I are looking into different publishing/ and self-publishing options and it would be interesting to know more about this).

    Congrats again, and God bless!
    In His love,
    ~Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com

  12. I already said this on Google+ but I'll say it again anyway :) LIZZY! So hard to believe that after all your hard work and waiting "the big day" is almost here. So exciting! Oh, and it looks amazing.

  13. Congratulations!!!! Being published is a HUGE accomplishment!!!! Way to go!!!!! Huzzah for the beautiful and brave. :)

  14. Oh, Elizabeth, my heart is rejoicing with you! As a girl who wants nothing more than to publish a book, I can only imagine your joy right now. Well done!

    Is Violets are Blue available for purchase? I would definitely consider buying it. :)

    love in Christ,

  15. Congratulations, Elizabeth! That must have been- when you got your very own book in your hands- the most precious moment. I'm so happy for you!


  16. That's awesome! :D I'm so glad for you! I can't wait to read it.
    And I did get the Little Women reference. ;)

  17. ... and I can buy it where??

    CONGRATS! I'm SOOO excited for you!!

  18. Yeah!!!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! :)

  19. That is so awesome! Congratulations! :) I'm writing a novel as well.
    How did you go about publishing a book anyway? Could you give me some tips? Thanks!

  20. Congratulations. That's so exciting!

  21. HURRAY!!! You made it!!! You are a published writer!!! Congratulations!!!

  22. Congratulations and the Lord bless you!

    In Him;


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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