Poem of the Week: Dancing Feet by Jessica S.

02 March 2012

In honor of winning the writing contest I hosted last month, Jessica's poem, Dancing Feet, is being featured this week. I thought you all would enjoy reading the winning poem, so here 'tis!

{photo (c) mi hermanita Bree}

Dancing Feet
By Jessica S.

I wish I had the balance
To walk through life unscathed--
To walk high on my tippy-toes,
And never be afraid.

I wish that I were graceful
So I could dance with ease
Through trials and tribulations,
And never skin my knees.

I wish that I were elegant,
And flexible, and strong.
If I were things like that, 
Then nothing ever could go wrong.

But I'm no ballerina,
I'm just your average klutz.
I trip over flat surfaces--
My knees are scarred with cuts.

I wish that I had someone
To help me walk with grace,
Who'd never let go of my hand,
Or throw me off my pace,

To help me keep my balance,
And kiss away the pain.
We'd dance through life together,
Through the sun or through the rain.

And with a dancing partner,
I know life would be so sweet.
Oh, how I wish I had another pair
Of dancing feet.

Bellissima, Jessica! Thank you for blessing us with your writing — you did a wonderful job. 

Have a good evening, dear friends!

10 epistles:

  1. Congrats Jessica! :) Your poem is absolutely breath-taking. Love it!

  2. Thanks! ="D That's so cool!
    I love to write poetry -- I just recently posted another finished one. I'm nowhere near being an expert, but then, I don't write it because I think it's great. I write it because I enjoy it.
    Thanks again!

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. This is so good, Jessica! I had no idea you could write such good poetry. :)

    Lizzy...*cough* you stole my photo. *frowns*


  4. This is a beautifully written poem, Jessica. Thanks for sharing it with us, Elizabeth. I love writing poetry too, but I am in no way good at all!

  5. That is so beautiful! My congratulations to Jessica.


  6. wonderful, simply wonderful.

  7. Beautiful poem!

    Well done,Jessica!

  8. Nice poem. My favorite one (short one that is) is Ozymandias http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2011/12/ozymandias-percy-bysshe-shelley.html


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