One thousand gifts.

09 January 2012

This year has already begun to feel different than the rest. This is the year that I have chosen to blog purposely and not for numbers or any other status symbols. This is the year that I have chosen to begin releasing my own ideas to His perfect plan for my life. And this is the year that I have chosen to record the many blessings He gives me on a daily basis. 

Inspired by Barbie's post, I have decided to take the Joy Dare in 2012. Reading Les Misérables has been making me extremely aware of every little blessing in my life that I don't even notice. I want to be grateful -- wholly and completely grateful -- for everything He gives me. Discontent is a seed that needs to be rooted out of my life, and I have found this to be a beautiful way in which I can do it. 

Mrs. Voskamp has challenged all of us to record 1000 gifts or blessings in 365 days. That's only three blessings a day, a small feat. I'll be recording them on a page on my blog's sidebar, which will be updated every day as I add new things to the list. 

This is not something for the faint of heart. This is for those of you who want to live wholly, intentionally, and God-centered. So will you take up the Joy Dare with me and dare to find 1000 blessings in twenty twelve?

5 epistles:

  1. Yes, I have already begun my journey counting joy in my own personal journal. I have also shared some of it over at my blog. It is encouraging to find another young woman doing the same. =)

    Love in Christ,
    Emily Grace

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to thank the Lord for His goodness, and count your blessings, Elizabeth!
    ~Joy @

  3. I am so glad you decided to take the joy dare. I just know you will be tremendously blessed and encouraged as you count and record your gifts! Looking forward to reading them all in 2012!

  4. I also, am taking the Joy Dare this year. :) I've already been recording gifts for awhile, but I want to start doing it deliberately and sharing my gifts with my bloggy friends.

    (By the way, how did you get the January Joy Dare list? I tried to post it on my blog, but couldn't get it to work.)


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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