Behold, all things are become new.

01 January 2012

I'm not quite sure what to say. 2011 flew by so, so fast. I am still clinging to the memories, trying to keep but a few within my grasp before it all fades away.

2011 was a year of life lessons. A year of blessings. A year of growth. I'm stubborn by nature, and I'm not the type of person who dives into new situations with both feet. I like to test the water slowly, and then tiptoe in, still with trepidation. This year I was pushed out of my comfort zone in some ways, but it forced me to grow and mature. And I am so grateful for that.

I'm going to share a few of my precious memories from twenty eleven . . . 

going en pointe in june. It hurts, yes, but it's worth it ten times over.

finishing my first book. Now on to publishing! 

winning nanowrimo for the first time. That was an indescribable feeling. 

falling in love with the spanish language. Mentally translating songs that I love into Spanish is a good thing, right? :)

learning to dance for Jesus alone. There is no greater joy.

finishing my regency gown and wearing it at my first english country dance. Ahh, blissful memories . . . ♥

visiting williamsburg, va for the second time. Oh, for a colonial gown! *envious sigh*

the promise of my first dslr camera. More about that later . . . :)

My one word for 2012 is release. Life is a journey, an adventure. We're not to simply plod along with a grim smile pasted on our face, determined to "make it through." Life is hard, but it is also meant to be enjoyed. My most treasured memories have been made when I let go of my schedule, my plans, and what I think will make me happy. I need to release my own dreams and trade them for God's plan for my life. Hidden treasures, little blessings, all these wonderful things He often brings into my life . . . but only when I give Him full control.

What are your plans for 2012, ladies?

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 

~II Corinthians 5:17~

9 epistles:

  1. Happy New Year, Elizabeth! I pray you have a blessed New Year in the Lord. Lovely photos as well.

    I think that's just marvelous that you finished your book this year (can't wait to read it)! How are you planning to publish by the way? Self-publish or through the classic commercial publishing route?
    In His love,
    ~Joy @

  2. Happy 2012, Miss Elizabeth!!! May this new one be the most amazing you have experienced.

    Much love,
    come stop for tea @

  3. Happy 2012! Hope this year is a good one for you and your family♥


  4. :) Love these pictures, and my dear you are so very funny :)

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Happy New Year! May the Lord bless you with abundant peace and joy like never before.

    God bless,
    Sarah @

  6. Happy new year, dear. Beautiful post.

    May the Lord bless you greatly this coming year.


  7. I come up with a new word for every year too! I love that... "Release." Congrats on winning NanoWrimo- I've done that too! Isn't it the single most tormenting/fun thing? ;)

  8. Elizabeth,

    I loved this post. Hearing what you've accomplished was wonderful, and I love your word for 2012. I have yet to pick one (I'm only 9 days late, right?) and yours definitly inspired me not to give up.



"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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