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30 November 2011

I am so busy this week. So busy that it feels I hardly even have the time to breathe. But here I am, typing up a quick word of encouragement for the readers of Miss Elizabeth Rose's blog.

You will probably start reading this finding it quite boring--many times I come across spiritual-related articles and only skim them, if not skip over them completely and move on to the more interesting stuff. But right now, I want you to sit back, focus, and really drink in what I'm going to tell you--a little something Jesus has been teaching me this past month. 

photo by anna | 2009

How can we serve God? What can we do for Him? Typically, I'm asking the Lord to help me. To do something for me. To show me. To bless me. To guard me. To protect me. To answer my pleads. To hear my cries. To get my attention. To do everything, everything for ME. Me, me, me. Sometimes, I ask for everything I absolutely don't deserve. I beg, I rant, I perpetually bombard him with requests. Of course we are supposed to bring our queries and troubles before the Throne, but sometimes it can cause us to focus only on ourselves, our problems, on what we are and what we are not.
Here's a little alternative.  
I ask instead what I can do for Him instead of for what He can do for me. How I can render my love. How I can bless His name through the trials. How I can make a difference in my day by turning the limelight off myself and serving Him instead. 

Today, if you are feeling faint, overcome or maybe even selfish--serve Him instead of wallowing in regret, pain, and pity. Ask Him every morning, the minute you awake, how you can serve Him today instead of desiring everything for yourself, for looking out for your own personal needs to be met 24/7. Obeying is sacrifice. He is the One who gives you breathe. He is the One who gave His precious life so you could have freedom and forgiveness and eternal life. He is the One who keeps you alive--keeps you surviving. Let's give back by doing all we can. . . FOR HIM.


Anna is an eighteen-year-old homeschool graduate from Ohio who exults in living to the hilt, originality, singing, and making mental movies out of her dreams and imaginations. She loves coffee, the ocean, writing, photography, and a good book, among various other things. =) Her #1 goal in life is to make a change in the world through her testimony in Jesus Christ. 

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