life's mysteries

25 November 2011


If I could glimpse the colors of the wind,
A rainbow spread oe’r ev’ry land I’d see
And if a tale for ev’ry shade was penned,
A scroll that spanned the wide world, there would be.
If I could count the sands of any beach,
The days would soon merge fully into one
For when at last the final grain was reached,
My life would be forever gone and done.
If I could hold tomorrow in my hands,
And chose within it all my future ways
I’d find my Vessel to be better manned
If One ordained the Captain day by day.
With wealth and myst’ries is the whole world filled
But none would have its place, had He not willed.

>> Copyright 2011 Lucia. Please do not use or copy without permission. Photo via this source.<<


Lucia (loo-SEE-uh) blogs at Umbrella Girl, where she writes about fashion, faith, photography, girl struggles, and strives to be a Light in this world of darkness. She plays the piano, writes poetry, watches chick fliks, designs blogs, and has the goal not to let a single day pass without a good laugh.

7 epistles:

  1. That's a lovely poem, Lucia, and very well written too I might add. When I first started reading it, I thought it was a poem you had taken from somewhere and then I read your name... that was so nice!

    It really is true, to let our God lead and be Captain of our lives; it is certainly one of life's amazing mysteries!

  2. Alluring poem, Lucia. I love it. :)

    Much love, Bree

  3. Beautiful! Your writing touches my heart. :)

  4. That was absolutely beautiful! My story is similar to Joy's. I thought it was an ol' poem from a book. So lovely!

    The last line, "But none would have its place, had He not willed," was an important reminder for me. Thank you.


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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