The arrival o' autumn.

04 September 2011

Winter is an English matron, with every curl in place,
Spring is a new baby born, a smile on his face;
Summer is a carefree child, picking flowers blue and green,
And autumn? She's an Irish lass, looking out across the sea.

(c) Elizabeth Rose 2011

Autumn, you're here. And in your travel-worn bags you brought colorful leaves, hot tea, warm fuzzy sweaters, crisp air, brilliantly blue skies, and gorgeous photographic opportunities. (Now if only you would hurry up and unpack those bags that you normally leave sitting around until late October, you'd have my everlasting thanks. :P) The traitor who calls himself Summer has departed, but I need not weep for him any longer. For Autumn, if the truth be told, you and Spring are tied for my favorite season. Spring brings new life, warm breezes, lovely blossoms--what's not to love? But Autumn, I cannot help but also notice your fiery passion. You will not relinquish yourself to Winter without a fight, and I love you for it. Cerulean sky that puts even Summer to shame; leaves that burst into rich hues as they fall to their deaths;  everything about you is ardent and heartfelt. 

The end is inevitable, and you know you will lose to Winter eventually. But that never causes you to be apathetic. And I know that even though you have lost the battle, you will not lose the war, for every year you return. Winter cannot steal your spirit. 

Autumn, please stay as long as you like.

"There is a time for everything, 
   and a season for every activity under the heavens."

~Ecclesiastes 3:1~

9 epistles:

  1. Oh goodness! I absolutely LOVE_LOVE_LOVE the little poem you wrote there! Gahhhh!! <3 Adorable! Perfect!

  2. A truly charming poem, such beautiful creativity. Being Irish and loving fall I must say that last line was my favorite.

    God bless the arrival of this lovely weather and may it stay almost forever. It is my favorite season.



  3. I am afraid that where I live we will not have such a great Autumn :( We have had a massive drought due (as you said) to that traitor Summer :)

  4. I'm so so excited for autumn. This summer was a long, hot one and I'm ready for it to cool off. :) Lovely little poem!

  5. I love fall! You hit the nail on the head: "colorful leaves, hot tea, warm fuzzy sweaters, crisp air, brilliantly blue skies, and gorgeous photographic opportunities" Autumn is wonderful. It has come very early to Maryland this year and I am so happy it has. (Sadly, a lot of rain has come with it but I can live with that :])

    Love ya!

  6. p.s. *love* the picture. Are those little Ava's hands?

  7. Näna: Thank you, dear! Really, you too? We've gotten chilly weather (much earlier than usual, which is wonderful!), but rain came with it. :( Now if only we could have that cool weather AND sunshine, I'd be happy. Y'all are the lucky ones; you get the brilliant red and orange leaves. We get mostly brown and yellow with a pinch of red every once in a while. I'm partial to the red. :)

    Yes, those are Ava's hands. :)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  8. I love Autumn, an I have awarded you on my blog! :)


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