Movie Review: Anne of Green Gables (1985)

31 August 2011

Mm-hmm, you guessed correctly! 'Tis time for another movie review, and not surprisingly, another adaption. Sorry, ladies--I'm a bookworm through and through, even when it comes to the films I love. :)

Anne of Green Gables (1985)
*Directed by Kevin Sullivan and starring Megan Follows*
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An orphan since infancy, the disarmingly precocious Anne arrives on-screen as a 12-year-old with fiery red hair (which she views as her own personal trial) and a tongue that never rests (which others see as their trial). To compensate for being passed over--and around--her whole life, she has fixed on a simple plan: Look for the best in everything. And if there isn't anything good, imagine it, then work to make it reality.

Placed in the home of elderly siblings Marilla and Matthew, Anne, for the first time in her life, receives unconditional love. And with that love comes instruction and discipline. Lessons learned include respect for elders, submission, forgiveness and godliness. Marilla even models the value of prayer and a consistent walk with God, stating, "God does not want you for a fair-weather friend."

As Anne grows and matures into an elegant young lady, she forges a cherished friendship with a neighbor girl, works hard to succeed at her academic ventures, learns that wealth doesn't ensure happiness and masters responsibility (on one occasion her thoughtfulness and presence of mind save the life of her friend's baby sister).

My Thoughts: This is an amazing film. It follows the original story by L.M. Montgomery closely without being boring or excessively long. We watched it as a family yet again last week, and Daddy watched it with us for the first time. It was such an enjoyable experience watching it together, and I remembered once more everything I love about this movie, the main one being the fact that Megan Follows practically is Anne. Her portrayal is so perfect, and she really makes the film feel delightfully authentic, as if I was watching the book play across the screen. Diana Barry was slightly off for me, but I've grown accustomed to the "movie Diana" and it doesn't bother me anymore like it did the first time I watched the film. Altogether, I declare Anne of Green Gables to be a wonderful treat for everyone, especially those who love the original stories, i.e. myself. :)

Pros: Memorable characters. Christian faith. Wonderful dialogue. A plot with lots of little twists and turns. Absolutely beautiful scenery and music. This movie has it all. 

Cons: Not much inappropriate language that I can think of (Anne calls one character a "devil," but only in teasing). It is rather long, but that makes it much more enjoyable because it gives the viewer the chance to really get to know the characters. There is a bit of rude language in the beginning from Mrs. Hammond, but not really anything about which to be concerned. Anne speaks of "not caring for God" in one scene, but 'tis when she does not yet know who He is--her outlook changes before the end of the movie.

~Memorable Quotes~

Aunt Josephine: "Make a little room in your plans for romance again, Anne, girl. All the degrees and scholarships in the world can't make up for the lack of it."

Mrs. Cadbury: "Tell me what you know about yourself."
Anne Shirley: "Well, it really isn't worth telling, Mrs. Cadbury... but if you let me tell you what I imagine about myself you'd find it a lot more interesting."

Anne Shirley: "And I promise I'll never do it again. That's the one good thing about me. I never do the same wrong thing twice."

Anne Shirley: "Wilt thou give me a lock of thy jet-black tresses?"
Diana Barry: "But I don't have any black dresses." 
Anne Shirley: "Your hair."
Diana Barry: "All right."

Anne Shirley: [after saying her prayers] "Did I do alright?"
Marilla Cuthbert: "Yes, if you were addressing a business letter to the catalogue store."

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

So, any thoughts you'd care to share relating to my movie reviews? Should I do more or just stick to reviewing books?

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  1. I LOVE this movie!!! I actually dressed up as Anne for the costume party for youth group...I didn't dye my nearly-jet-black tresses red, though. :)

  2. Ooohhh! This post caught my eye. I absolutely love this movie! It was my favorite movie for years ~ from the time I was 7 or 8 (and I watched and enjoyed it first when I was 4, I think) and then all the way up to the time I saw the 1995 Pride and Prejudice... that's my favorite movie now, but I still adore Anne! I really like the second move too; I can't decide which one I prefer. I always really like stories about old-fashioned teachers, though. :)

  3. Love this movie...... I'm actually auditioning for a play (cronicles of Narnia) and for my audition I'll be doing a scene from this movie!

  4. I love this movie, too! I also love the sequel, although it doesn't follow the book at all :/

    Wonderful review!

  5. THIS MOVIE IS WONDERFUL!!! It's a family favorite! I watch it once every two months or so! :D

  6. I <3 Anne of Green Gables so much!!

    You should definitely do some more movie reviews, Miss Elizabeth Rose! You did a fantastic job with this one. *smiles*


    P.S. Have you seen the sequel, Anne of Avonlea?

  7. This is one of my top three favorite movies! Almost everyone (and everything) was just how I imagined them in the books. I do agree with you about Dianna, though. Her and Marilla weren't quite right. But they have grown on me and now I love them too.

    Your dad watched Anne with you? Pa would never but the boys love Anne. So cute. I can forgive Pa because he loves Jane Austen movies as much as I do. :)

    Have you see Anne of Avonlea and Anne the Continuing Story? They are so wonderful.

    Love you, sweet friend!

  8. Hello :)
    I was just looking for Anne Shirley pictures for my book collection and I just happened to stumble upon your blog. I love it! :P
    I also heard a beautiful song playing in the background of one of Anne of Green Gables' photographs. Could you save my life and tell me what song it is? It's so beautiful that I don't think I'll be able to sleep since now on without it :O. I would love to play it on piano actually. I'd be eternally grateful to You!

    Anna :)

  9. I have just found it on your iPod. It's such an amazing feature. Thank You !! :D


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