Happy Sweet Sixteen, Brianna!

17 August 2011

I know I already posted once today, but this was too special to let pass without some mentioning. :)

Miss Brianna Wachter from By the Way is celebrating her sixteenth birthday today! This sweet girl is so smart and kind-hearted, as well as being an amazing graphic designer. Throughout the almost two years that I've "known" her, I have been overwhelmed with her spiritual maturity and wisdom, despite her tender years. Her blog is the perfect mix of wittiness, photos, and seriousness. I'm sure she'd love some birthday wishes, so head on over to BTW and shower dear Näna with love! Mrs. Wachter also wrote a very touching post about the birthday girl on her blog, which you can read here. 

Oh, and one last thing (I couldn't resist :P)...

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Love you, Brianna! ♥

2 epistles:

  1. This is so darling... I know Brianna will be touched when she does her blog reading today.


    Mrs. W

  2. Lizzy, you are such a dear! This post and your lovely comment and email really made my day. I am blessed to have you for a friend. Thank you so much!

    Sixteen Going on Seventeen is such an awesome song. I think it will be my song of the e Gotta love The Sound of Music. :)


    p.s. Hopefully I will reply to your email today...we've had guest for dinner all but one night this week so it has been busy.


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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