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19 July 2011

I've been seeing so many bucket lists pop up in my Dashboard lately that I finally decided to type up one myself. Keep in mind that I am a romantic soul and so many of these aspirations may sound more poetical than logical. You have been forewarned. :)

Elizabeth Rose's Bucket List (in no particular order), as of 17 July 2011:

~See one (or more :)) of my literary endeavors published and (Lord willing) sell well. 

~Master Spanish, French, German, and Italian and tour Europe afterwards, speaking each nation's respective language to the best of my ability.

~Purchase a Nikon D3000. 

~Visit the British Isles, using my then-improved British, Scottish, and Irish accents, respectively.

~When in Great Britain, take care to stop by Eastbourne, the hometown of Miss Violet Bradshaw.

~Marry a wonderful man of God and become a mama to many precious children. 

~Picnic in a field of wildflowers (with bug spray :P). 

~Successfully master all my splits. 

~Meet two of my dear blogging friends, Brianna and Jo, in person, along with several other young ladies I am blessed to know in "blogworld".

~Bring a person to Christ. 

~Watch the BBC Pride and Prejudice all the way through with my sisters one night.

~Learn different, more complicated styles of ECD (English country dancing) and attend more ECD balls. 

~Make this dress. 

~Go horseback riding on the beach. 

~Learn to play the piano. 

~Grow my hair down to my waist (only a few more inches to go!).

~Visit Prince Edward Island (sensing a theme here? :)). 

What's on your bucket list? I'd love to hear!

7 epistles:

  1. One day you and me and Jo are going to get together and have the absolute time of our lives doing all the things we are always talking about doing. One day....and I so can't wait for it!!! :)

    Speaking of the '95 Pride and Prejudice I had a question to ask you about Austen adaptations. Well, I'll just ask you when I reply to your email. :P

    Love you,

  2. That sounds like a great bucket list! :) Hope you accomplish them all!

    If you want, you can view some of my bucket list items here at this link:

    Take Care!

  3. Näna: Oh, yes! Won't that be fun? Jo always says that my family and the Marches need to get together with your family and have a big "shebang," to quote her. I can't wait either! :)

    Nela: Thank you! And I appreciate you leaving your link--I'd love to view some of your bucket list items. :) Thank you for commenting!

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Ooh how fun! Hope it works.

  5. I think this is a wonderful list! The only I didn't understand was, "Successfully master all my splits." Also, when are you going to share a pic of your long hair? Blessings ~Shelly

  6. Shelly: Oh, I'm sorry! That may have been a bit confusing. :P I take ballet classes, and I foolishly assumed that it would have been obvious what I meant. Here is what the splits look like:

    I will probably share a picture of my hair when it reaches my waist. :)

    Thank you for commenting!

    Have a blessed day in Christ,
    Elizabeth Rose


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