Just Because..

01 June 2011

Just because... I don't do this type of post nearly enough. Really, ladies, I'm not as serious as I may seem!

Just because... It's summer. Which gives me a happy, sweet, dreamy feeling. "I was a little girl, alone in my little world..." *sigh*

Just because... There are certain things that make me want to jump up and down and do pirouettes. Finishing my book is one of those things. 

Just because... Bree is finally reading the original, full-text Little Women. And she's getting rather annoyed every time she tries to quote a scene she likes, and I can finish the sentence before she manages to get the words off her tongue. But it's all in sisterly fun, and it just warms my soul to see how much she's loving this book that is like a small piece of my heart.

Just because... After all these years, going through the car wash is still fun. And what makes it even more fun is seeing my baby sister's delighted expression as the soap pours down her window. 

Just because... it's never too hot for a good cup of tea. :)

Just because... Good friends are treasures. 

Just because... Cleaning the kitchen is not nearly as fun without my sisters and I singing together while we scrub dishes and sweep the floor. Especially when we sing this song. "Okay, Emilia, you be Chava, I'll be Tzeitel, and Bree can be Hodel!" 

Just because... Real butter is to die for. "Oh, isn't butter divinity?" (Young Amy March, Little Women 1995)

Just because... My sister makes me laugh. Here are a few examples of our daily conversations...

Me: (Looking at the delicious blueberry pie Bree just made that is cooling on the counter) "Mmm, it looks so good!"
Bree: "Don't you dare mess up my nice pie!"
Me: "Oh look, there's a little corner broken off... I'd better--"
Bree: "It's a circle--there are no corners!"

Bree: (explaining to me about the somewhat strange and loud noises coming from our bedroom) "We were trying to find my paperclip!"
Me: "You were trying to find your paperclip?"
Bree: "We were trying to find my very important paperclip!"

Bree: "Elizabeth, look at this! Elizabeth? Elizabeth!"
Me: "Can't you see I'm trying to shovel flour here?"

Me: "Elizabeth is just as made up as Elisabeth!"
Bree: "Yes, but Elizabeth is from the Bible. Elisabeth is just a random combination of vowels and consonants."
Me: "That's what all names are!"

Just because... Life is sweet. And I am blessed beyond measure.

3 epistles:

  1. I love posts like this! Your conversation with your sister made me chuckle - my brothers and I say funny things to each other all the time. ;) Siblings are so fun, aren't they?


  2. This is a sweet post, and I enjoyed it. : ) I love Little Women too. I'd say it's one of the books that's formed me most. I'm always glad to find someone else who loves it...


  3. my mother would love you for saying that it is never too hot for hot tea. she's a fanatic for tea (and butter, i might add) and drinks it all day long. it's a contagious love.


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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