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17 June 2011

. . . Well, not exactly. But I will be traveling somewhere with my family tomorrow, leaving home sweet home for six delicious days spent laughing, loving life, taking pictures, and tasting adventure in one of my favorite place in the world.

Now here's where you come in: I'm not going to tell you where I'm going. I know you  may be sighing in agony now, but please bear with me. It's your job to guess where I will be stopping sometime during the next six days. (And no, "the van" doesn't count. :)) Since you don't know where I live, I guess it won't give away much if I tell you that it is driving distance from my home, although not a distance to be driven every day. Here are a few more hints:

- It is a place rich in history
- This should go without saying, but it is in the U.S.A.
- The clothing worn by a lot of people in this secret location is NOT what most would refer to as light.

And there you go! Enjoy guessing, ladies! The first person to guess my location will win a special prize. :)

Since I will be unable to post on Literary Lane while I am away, I have arranged for a few ladies to guest post. I'm excited about featuring them, and I know you'll enjoy reading their posts!

I will be back on Thursday (although I will probably not post that day), with plenty o' pictures.

Au revoir!

6 epistles:

  1. Oh, how exciting! :D Have a lovely trip, dear! Praying for a safe journey!

  2. I want to guess Williamsburg, Virginia.

  3. New York? Washington? Las Vegas? LA? Hollywood????

  4. I *would* enter but it wouldn't be fare to your lovely followers since I already know. :D Anyway, have an amazing trip!!! You will just *love* the places you are visiting!

  5. *whacks forehead* Of course, that was supposed to be "fair" not "fare". *sheepish grin*


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