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27 May 2011

Hello ladies, and welcome to the new and improved Living on Literary Lane! I am loving how much extra posting space I have, especially for large photos. Many thanks to Miss Megan Kristine of Calm Water Blog Design for making my little "hollow" look so lovely. Can we give her a round of applause? If you would like a pretty design for your blog, Megan will be relaunching Calm Water in the near future, with a new name, new packages, a shoppe, freebies, and much more.

If you have my old blog button on your blog, I do hope you will change it out with my new one, which can easily be found to the right on my sidebar. -->

Well, that is all for now, as I must get back to my editing of Violets Are Blue. Blessings!

18 epistles:

  1. I love the new design! It's very beautiful.

    And thank you for your incredibly kind words and prayers for Samuel. I am blessed.


  2. Hi Elizabeth Rose,

    I really like the new look!
    It is very pretty!

    Megan did a great job. :)


  3. I love the header!! Everything's all so elegant, just like you :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Thanks Elizabeth Rose! Just an fyi, you're blog is loading a lot faster now too, which is great for new readers who don't want to wait a long time to see your blog. :)


  5. I love it! It's beautiful, Lizzy!

  6. I LOVE it!!! Megan did a beautiful job! :)


  7. Ah, your new design is so lovely and feminine! =)

  8. Oh, and I was wondering... since you are in the editing stages for your book, do you have any good tips (like anything that has been helpful for evaluating your plot, or things like that)? I read things on how to make my story good, or what to watch for, but I guess I kinda have a problem with the actual applying of those ideas... and editing a novel is not something I am really experienced at!

  9. how lovely. such a pretty looking blog!

  10. @Carrie -- I have been thinking about writing up a post like that for some time now, and you have inspired me to take the plunge and do it! You can expect to see a post on writing, editing, publishing, and everything in between (keep in mind that I am not an expert on all of this, and am still learning these things myself) up on LOLL soon. :)

    Thank you for commenting!

    Love and Blessings,
    Elizabeth Rose

  11. That would be great, Elizabeth! I like reading things like that from other aspiring writers, even if they aren't published authors yet. =)


  12. I agree with Carrie - I'd love to read something like that!

    The new design is a breath of fresh air. : )


  13. It looks great, Lizzy! Megan did a fantastic job.


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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