My Regency Gown ~ Part II

01 April 2011

I'm back, ladies. And I'm back for real this time. The English country dance was last night and it was a blast! The dances were pretty simple, and not everyone was in costume, but we all came in what we had and had fun anyway, which is really much better than getting competitive over who has the best costume. I received many sweet compliments on my gown, as did my sister, all thanks to my momma, who sewed the majority of it. *blushes* I helped, but because she has so much more sewing experience than I do, she ended up doing the majority of the sewing. But it was a great learning experience. :)

And now for the long-awaited photos!

(Keep in mind that I wrote the *below* last Saturday, and it has been in my Drafts, waiting to be published, since then.)

Sewing has been going well lately. We finished my short stays on Thursday, bought the fabric for my regency gown on Friday (oh-so-lovely sapphire blue satin!), and I am going to cut it out and sew quite a bit tomorrow. We have until Thursday (eek!) to finish, but I don't think it should take too long. 

Although I really finished my chemise last July, I failed to post pictures of it before now. :( So, you shall see photos of both my chemise AND my short stays in this post. And perhaps even a sneek peek of the fabric used for my regency gown... :)

(my chemise)

(neckline drawstring)


 (short stays)

(I must say, I am quite proud of my stitching on the holes for the drawstring--that was quite fun, and it turned out much better than I expected it to! :)

(short stay sleeve/strap)

(finally, my regency gown... er, that is, my regency gown FABRIC.)

Unfortunately, that's all for tonight, ladies. I really must get to bed, especially since I was up until 11 P.M. last night, and then had to wake up at 5:45 A.M to take Daddy to the airport. :( Goodnight! 

6 epistles:

  1. OH my goodness, it's gorgeous! I love it, and am extremely jealous of your mother's (and YOUR) talent!

  2. Aww how pretty! I wish I could sew like that :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. looks amazing, Lizzy! Great work! I love the detail of the lacing on the short stays. Lovely!

    Glad to hear the ball was a success. Was it hosted by your homeschool group or church of something like that?

    Love you!

  4. @Everyone -- Thank you so much, ladies! You all are so sweet. :)

    @Nana -- Yes, it was hosted by my homeschool group.

    Have a blessed Saturday!

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. My, what a lovely blue that is! : )


  6. Well, I think I shall immediately put on some tea and grab those scones from the oven! Freshly churned butter, cream and sugar, and preserves are on the table. Help yourself! ;)

    I love the fact that you're putting together a Regency dress! I happen to be attempting to sew my own dress-an 18th Century Polonaise. I can't wait to see the finished project, Elizabeth Rose!



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