I've Returned!

12 March 2011

Yes, you read right, ladies. I am back from my 2 week vacation from posting on this little blog o' mine. It was restful, to say the least, to step away from the pressure of posting. But, at the same time, I missed all of my lovely readers dearly. So, even though the break was nice, I'm *very* glad to be back!

This will just be a short note, as I have little time to spend on the computer at the moment, but I wanted to alert you to the fact that yes, I have returned to "blog world." Be expecting PLENTY of books reviews in the very near future (I've got so many book reviews saved in my Drafts section--I've got to start sorting through and posting them). Also, regency gown updates will be posted frequently, as the English Country Dance is rapidly approaching. And of course, we can't forget Violets Are Blue. *wink*

Well, sadly that's all I have time to say for now. :( Have a good night, ladies!

P.S. Thank you all SO much for praying for Violets Are Blue on March 9th! You don't know how much that meant to me. Please, have a cup of chai tea on me. :)

7 epistles:

  1. Yay, Lizzy, you're back! (Or back in the blogging world, anyways--love talking to you on Buzz :)

    Regency gown updates?? Oohhh, that sounds awesome. I can't wait to see them! :)


  2. I'm so glad you're back!
    I'm still praying for your book :)
    And I'm glad you had a nice rest.

    Don't mind if I do!
    *pops off to boil the milk*

  3. YOU'RE BACK!!!! I kinda hesitated from clicking your link for a sec because I was praying so hard for your book!! I hope you'll get to tell us more about it soon :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Lizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back :) We should definitely have tea together sometime - in our regency gowns :P That would be *too* much fun :D

    Looking forward to reading all the reviews!!!!



    p.s. I *am* going to respond to your email soon :)

  5. Glad you're back! I started following while you were away. I've been praying about your novel.

    I'm an English Country dancer, too, although where I go we do it in modern clothes! There are balls twice a year where people wear costume, however, and I dream of sewing myself a dress. If my life had more spare moments...

    In Christ,
    Observatory of the Quotidian

  6. Yippee! So glad your back!

    Oh, I'm with Jo...we should all get together for tea some time. That would be amazing fun. Although, I have a feeling we'd all be talking way too much to drink much tea:)

    Love & hugs,

    p.s. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has lots of post waiting in drafts to be published:)


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