I Am Commited to Being Christ's Valentine... Are You?

12 February 2011

What would you think if I told you that I have a Valentine? And guess what? You do, too!

The Bible says that Christ is our Bridegroom and we, as the Church, are His Bride. Make it known that you are commited to being Christ's Valentine this February by signing this petiton!

Moriah at Uniquely Fashioned For His Glory came up with this wonderful way to get young ladies really discovering the beauty in becoming Christ's Valentine until He brings your Prince Charming into your life. And the steps are extremely simple:

~Post about The Committed to Being Christ’s Valentine petition 

  {right click and save the picture below and put it within your post} 

~Then link up to this page.
~Please leave a comment here.
~Once you've signed the petition, feel free to grab this button:

Want to join? Click here for all the details. 

Have a blessed day, ladies!

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