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22 October 2010

I can't believe that it is already time for Fiesta #3 of Jo's Fiesta de Octobre! This post o' mine will have two parts for, having been very busy as of late, I had to push this post off until the last minute, and therefore I have no time to write the suggested topics into separate posts. So bear with me, and dig through this bound-to-be-LONG post as best you can. :)

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Fiesta #3 is titled "A Musical Interlude." Perhaps that will give you an insight into the questions... 

{1} What musical instrument(s) do you play? Sadly, none. :( Unless you count "playing" my grandmother's piano at age 7 for about 5 minutes. :)

{2} How long have you been playing that instrument(s)? Read above.

{3} What is your favorite era of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary? I like a lot of Classical and Contemporary music.

{4} Why? (in reference to the above question) I think because I have grown up with both, and so they are imbedded in my blood. Listening to both classical and contemporary music brings back such sweet memories.

{5} Who is your favorite composer? (If you're drawing a blank, click here for a nice long list to pick from :D) Oh Jo, that list overwhelms me. How am I possibly to choose one composer? Let me say it this way: any music that makes me feel, that makes me think, or that simply seems to become a part of me as I listen to it, so beautiful the melody, than that composer is one of my favorites. 

{6} Do you like jazz music? Why or why not? I like some jazz, at times. The tune of it can be soothing. However, I would not consider myself a devoted fan.

{7} Are you one of those folks who could play their musical instrument for hours and love every minute of it? (or...just about every minute?) Again, I cannot play. :( Therefore, I have never experienced those moments when one just wants to keep playing and playing, soaring on the wings of music, for hours on end.

{8} Would you rather listen to music or play it? It appears I really have no choice, being that I do not play an instrument. Listening to music brings me great pleasure, though--one of my favorite pastimes. :)

{9} Do you like to perform in front of people, or would you rather not? I love to perform in front of people, although I have never played an instrument in front of an audience. I have been in dance recitals, though, and in plays, and if I am prepared and I know the steps to the dance or my lines, I enjoy it immensely. I hope that doesn't mean I'm vain... :)

{10} What's one thing you love about your instrument? Sorry--no instrument. :(

{11} What is your favorite genre of music to listen to? I really enjoy instrumentals, movie soundtracks, worship music, and a lot of old songs that my parents grew up with. Would you like to know my absolute favorite pieces of music? Look at my Mixpod on my sidebar. :) 

{12} Would you rather listen to an entire CD (or playlist) of just one artist, or a random shuffle list or CD? It really depends what the CD is, what is in the random shuffle list, and what mood I'm in. With some CDs, I love the whole album, whereas with others, I only enjoy one or two songs. 

{13} Do you like listening to movie soundtracks? YES! The Patriot, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, Little Women, and Emma--just to name a few. 

{14} Does listening to music while doing schoolwork distract or help you? Oftentimes it helps me, if the music has no words.

{15} Radio, CD or iPod/mp3 player? Radio when I am in the car with my siblings; CD when I'm working in the kitchen, and iPod/mp3 player when I'm doing something by myself. 

{16} Do your siblings like to listen to the same music you do? Oh, yes! What kind of a family would we be if we didn't all enjoy the same music? :)

{17} Do you like to "sing along" with the songs you know, or would you rather just listen to them? Sing along hands down (which is why I love songs that I know the words to), although I'm making no promises about the quality of my voice, or of my ability to hit the notes properly. :)

{18} Do you like to listen to "old music", a.k.a. the music your parents listened to way back in the day? (not that our parents are old or anything....) Definitely! See question 11. 

{19} Do you like rap music? (random question, I know) Not. at. all. 

{20} Ready for Christmas music yet? Yes, yes, yes! I could listen to Christmas music all year round! Mary Did You Know has been my absolute favorite for years. 

And for part 2 of this post... my favorite song(s) and why I like them. 

Hymn to the Sea (Titanic soundtrack)

Before I say anything else, let me just say that I am not in full support of this film. I have not seen it myself, but I have heard from a few friends of mine that, although it has a good central plot, there are a few indecent scenes. Enough said. But the soundtrack... to quote Mr. Tumnus, "Music, ah, such music!" The songs are truly breathtaking. I love those bagpipes--they give the music such depth. This song makes me tear up sometimes... 

Rose (Titanic soundtrack)

Another song from Titanic. I love the very feel to this song. It just sounds beautiful, if you know what I mean. :)

The Seaside (Emma soundtrack)

Oh, this song has such a light, lovely feel to it. The music is beautiful and airy. I read on a blog that one young lady went down the aisle to this song, and I said to myself, "How creative--I want to do that!" Plus, I *love* this movie. :)

Little Women (full soundtrack)

Sorry, I can't find Part 4. :(

Another tear jerker, ladies. Listening to this whole soundtrack causes such a wave of emotion to wash over me. I can see the movie in my head, and so I do tear up when the "Beth dying music" plays. This music brings back such good memories for me. (And yes, Jo, I do know that this movie is not so accurate to the book. For once, I don't mind that, because this is the Little Women version I have grown up with.)

Matchmaker (Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack)

This song is such fun, because of the very humor of it. Plus, the relationships of the sisters remind me of me and my sisters. :) And you've got to love that music!

The Patriot (The Patriot soundtrack)

Wow. Words cannot describe how much I love this music; I suppose it is partly due to the fact that I love the movie. Click here to read a more thorough description of what I love about this film. And the music truly makes the movie what it is--it is the soul of the movie.

That's it! (And yes, I know all the songs were movie soundtracks. That's just who I am. :) And yes, there are MANY more. These were just a few. :) Head on over to Jo's blog and link up soon--this week's giveaway ends tomorrow!

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  1. I LOVE the Emma piece. I like the idea of having it for a wedding march...but I like the dance of Emma and Mr. Knightley even better. (-; That's one piece that really gives me goose-bumps. (-: And Little Women...I like that.


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