Fiesta de Octobre at SFMW ~ Fiesta 2

13 October 2010

It's time for Fiesta #2 of Jo's Fiesta de Octobre! Click the button for the general details, or click here for this week's fiesta. 

Fiesta #2 is titled "Busy Fingers." Here are my answers to the questions:

{1} What is your favorite hobby or craft to do? Definitely knifty knit. It's really simple and *really* fun. 

(Note: This isn't me.)

{2} What's the biggest/most difficult project you've ever tackled? Hmm... probably my regency gown. And I'm still in the process of tackling it!

{3} What project of yours are you the most proud of? The knitted gloves I made for Emilia (10) and Lydia (8) for Christmas last year. For each of them, I knitted a large pair that they could wear and a tiny pair that their Bitty Babies could wear. Emilia's gloves are teal, and Lydia's are a smoky purple. 

{4} Someone gives you a $20 JoAnn Fabrics giftcard. The first thing that comes to mind to spend it on is... Fabric! What else?

{5} Can you do a project and watch a movie at the same time? Well, like Jo said, it depends what the movie is and what project I'm working on. I can knit while watching pretty much anything, though.

{6} When you are hand sewing, do you bite off your thread when you're done, or snip it with scissors or just break it with your fingers? There are people who don't use scissors?! :) Just kidding. But yes, I do use scissors. When I try to rip it, I end up with partially-ripped, frayed thread and sore fingers on my part.

{7} Does anyone in your family collect things (like tea cups, stamps, bottle caps, etc.)? No, not that I know of.

{8} What are your favorite color combinations that you use in your crafts? Brown and pink, lavender and dark purple, blue and brown, green and pink... the list goes on and on!

{9} Does decorating a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head sound interesting to you? Yes, it does--and I have done it before.

{10} The manager at your theater needs help in the making of the costumes and/or set decoration and set up for the next production. You volunteer to do....what? Design the costumes, making sure they are historically accurate, of course. :)

Head on over to Scraps to see the fabulous giveaway for this week! Here's a sneak peak...

4 epistles:

  1. Pink and green, and blue and brown are great colour combinations! Lovely post! And those earings look very pretty, I'm on my way over to check out the giveaway! :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I saw that you were following Emily's Cancer Blog and I thought you might be interested in the month long fast that's going on over at Squeaks' blog, for Emily. You don't have to give up food, you can give up other things, like tv, Internet, email, or something you enjoy (like a soft drink)! If you're interested, you can read more about it here:

    I know Emily and Squeaks would very much appreciate you participating! It starts tomorrow, so if you feel led to join, now is the time! :)


  3. My sister makes the cutest hats and scarves by knitting with the same method as that {1} photo! I'm still learning with my two knitting needles, but it's already so much fun!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I just found your site and it looks very interesting. I look forward to reading more in the future!



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