Miscellany Monday!

27 September 2010

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day. I believe adamantly that this is what the Lord wants me to do. Is anyone else saving their first kiss? I'd love if you would leave me a comment and tell me why this is your choice.

{two} I won Bree's giveaway for a blog makeover by Awel. So... do you know what that means? Southern Belle Photography is on it's way to becoming a real photography blog! I can't wait for it to be all set up!

{three} I am writing this post to the lovely background music of my father making carrot juice in the juicer. Not to mention the animated comments of my siblings as well. And actually, this is far more entertaining than any music on my iPod. :)

{four} I have only attended two sleepovers in my life. I'm serious--this is no joke. And frankly, I'm okay with that. You see, my family is aware of the fact that at sleepovers, VERY LITTLE SLEEP ACTUALLY HAPPENS. This results in grouchiness, and frequently the catching of some virus. And so, we have never hosted one at our house, and I have only attended two. We tend to shy away from the whole ordeal. I mean, why have a sleepover when you have so many wonderful siblings already in the house? Each night is like a sleepover! 

{five} Peril on the Sea will be receiving a new title. It turns out that WAY too many books are titled "Peril on the Sea," and also, the theme of my book is more than just peril on the sea. It involves Violet and her family, her new life in America, her many letters to Lillian, her friendship with Ethan Clarke and Mary O' Neale, not to mention many others in America, and the fact that her friend is coming over to America on the Titanic. See what I mean? And so, even though it will be still called "Peril on the Sea," that is not the permanent title, and as soon as a new title is installed, my book will be referred to by that new title.

{six} I have to go now, because school is starting. Adieu! 

6 epistles:

  1. I just found your blog through miscellany monday and I love it! I will for sure be adding it to my Google reader. I have never been kissed but I am not sure if I will save that for my wedding day or not. I do know that I am going to be saving myself for marriage though because I think that is the absolute best gift that I could give my future husband. I have been writing letters to my HTB on my blog now for quite sometime and I think it is going to be great to give them all to him on our wedding day whenever that time comes! Hope your day at school was great!

  2. Miscellany Monday is such a fun event...I may have to start doing it myself. I love reading everyone else's :P

    So, to respond to each of your points one by one...

    {one} Me too!!!! I want everything special that I have to be saved for my husband, and my first kiss is about as special as it gets :) Too bad he couldn't teach me to drive too :P

    {two} Hooray! I love the name you chose....tells me something about you too :) A fellow Southern Belle! Will wonders never cease? Are you truly Southern, as in, you're Confederate?

    {three} Family noises are the best...most of the time :) I'm listening to Leia playing "Fur Elise", that middle part where there are all those sixteenth notes :) Mama and Gogo are making apple sauce in the kitchen right now too, and the cat is wandering around by my feet :) Just life noises....

    {four} Our family doesn't do sleepovers either! We've done....two. One with our cousins and one with our friends who were visiting from overseas. My parents (and I) don't much care for the whole concept.

    {five} I can't wait to see how your story turns out! It sounds terrific :)

    Well, gotta run. I have A LOT of CRAZY STUFF to do before OCTOBER 1st!!!!!

    Love you girly....


  3. {one} I used to not believe in that at all, but now...I'm leaning more towards it. I think I'd like to save my first kiss for engagement, at least. I'll think more on the topic...:)

    {two} that's lucky, girl! congrats! I hope you don't mind I found the address and followed...?

    {three} haha, sweet!

    {four} ooh, I LOVE sleepovers! To me, the whole point of sleepovers is to not get much sleep. (i.e. to stay up the whole night :) But I understand whatcha mean. :)

    {five} can't wait to hear more of your story on 30000 in 30, girl...and do post the title soon!

  4. I think that is wonderful that you are saving your first kiss for your wedding day! That's so exciting about your new blog makeover. Can't wait to see it! I know many parents who don't allow their children to have/go to sleepovers. I do allow my kids too, but then I have to deal with their attitudes. Hope you had a great Monday.

  5. 1. Amen! I plan to do the same. I feel that is if I am to save my purity for my future husband, he’s going to get all of me…even my first kiss.
    2. Congrats! I cannot wait to see how it turns out. :)
    3. Haha! That’s funny, Elizabeth Rose! A Carrot Juicer always makes the best music for posting! :D
    4. I have been to at least 5 in my life, and I never did like them. I was always left out and no one n ever talked to me. They were no fun. Besides, you really aren’t missing much; all they do (if you have friends like mine) is gossip and talk about boys. Not for me! And my sister and I usually have a party like every night when we talk about our day…it usually ends up with us laughing hysterically.
    5. Ooh, I love the sound of your book. I have never actually read a book titles ‘Peril on the High Sea’, I like the sound of that title. However, I understand what you’re saying. You can’t have an original book that catches people’s interest without a title that stands out from the rest (if you know what I mean…not trying to sound insulting…only agreeing).
    6. Adios my friend! Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog. I, too, like putting my characters faces to the names, it kinda helps me connect with them better if I can visualize what they look like. :P


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