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15 September 2010

According to the lovely comments I received on my Miscellany Monday post, many of you would love for me to make a photography blog. And I am deciding to oblige you. Introducing...

Southern Belle Photography!

Yes, it is only a name, flat on a sheet of paper (it actually happens to be a blog as well, but not a blog that you may care to see--no posts yet, and the background is not great. I really would love to win a custom blog makeover for it, and that's why I have been entering a lot of giveaways lately. *wink* *wink* Hannah :). But, one day, it will be a blog, and then I will give you the link so that you can visit and tell me what you think! But anyway...

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

Here is my photo for LPW (Lovely Photo Wednesday):

This is my precious little sister at the park. Don't you just love the sunkissed tone?

Click the button to link up at Hannah's blog! There's a special twist this week... 

12 epistles:

  1. I love the colors - and the fun umbrella!

    I'm super-excited to see your photography blog up and running sometime soon! The name is lovely:)

    Love ya, dear!

  2. What a great photo! I love the umbrella!

    Looking forward so see your photography blog. I love the name!

  3. What a neat photo, Elizabeth! I love it! :D

  4. LOVE IT!
    Stopping by from Aspire to Follow YOU! I really adore this photo!



  5. Wonderful photo! Sometimes that afternoon sunlight is magical.

  6. Oh Lizzy Rose!!! It is gorgeous!<3 And your watermark is sooo pretty:). So happy to see the name up there! I'm glad someone can use it.:D

    Luv ya!


  7. Awesome! I can't wait to see your new photography blog. Beautiful photo. You're right; that tone *is* lovely.

    Love you!

  8. Southern Belle Photography....love it! I love anything Southern....and now I know for certain that we're kindred spirits!

  9. Hi. I'm Riah and I've enjoyed designing blogs for my mom and my best friend. I'm currently working on a blog for my sister as well, but that one is not yet ready to view. I'm trying to decide whether or not to start a custom blog design business and I would be willing to design your blog for you, for free, if you would allow me to use your blog in my portfollio later if I decide to pursue this.
    You can view examples of what I've done here: My best friends blogs are,
    (I only designed the background, header and button for this one)
    My mom's blog is,
    We'll make arrangements to swap e-mail information if you are interested.

  10. What a lovely photo! :) Looking forward to your photography blog!

  11. BTW: Those blog are all one basic design, but I do other styles too



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