Book Review: Anne's House of Dreams

05 September 2010

This Anne of Green Gables novel is my absolute favorite. I really, really love it. I loved finally getting to read about Anne and Gilbert's wedding, and the fact that they live in a precious little cottage right by the sea... mmm. Just a delightful setting. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Here is my review:

Anne's House of Dreams
By L.M. Montgomery

Under the shaded seclusion of the trees at old Green Gables, among old friends near and dear, Anne and Gilbert are about to speak their vows. Now man and wife, they will move to Four Winds Point together, close to the small village of Glen St. Mary, and into their "dear little house of dreams" by the sea. 

New friends, such as Captain Jim, a retired sea captain, and sharp-tongued, Methodist-hating Miss Cornelia, will enter their lives, and many evenings in the lighthouse room will be spent together, full of fun and merriment. They will all attempt to reach out to beautiful and tragically miserable Leslie Moore, but only Anne can break through to Leslie's heart. 

Many other topics of interest, such as the birth of Anne's first child, the budding romance between Leslie and Owen Ford, and the writing of Captain Jim's life book, fill this delightful read.

Oh, words cannot describe how happy I was to finally read of Anne and Gilbert's wedding! Was I the only girl who felt as though it seemed to take forever for them to get married? And their wedding was oh-so-sweet and oh-so-perfect. Marvelous, just marvelous. :)

Leslie Moore... ahh, she intrigued me. Her character was very unique. Anne has reached out to bitter spinsters, to stiff older people, and to young, childish people, and yet they all seem so small compared to the depth of Leslie's misery and sadness. Her history just broke my heart. And in the most unexpected of ways, when everything else seems to have failed, Anne finally understands what Leslie is going through and becomes a truer friend because of it.

I love Captain Jim. Don't you just love him? Sitting up in the lighthouse, "telling old yarns" -- he's such a wonderful character. And he, too, is unique. That is, perhaps, one of the reasons I love this book. It is so filled to the brim with new and original characters, and the plot is so full of such depth of emotion. And the descriptions of the sea... oh, is that not the icing on the cake of dreams? (sorry, that was horrible of me--I couldn't help it!)

Do you know now why I love this book? This book speaks to my heart in ways that are tragic, wonderful, and beautiful. But emotions so beautiful and precious cannot be explained or pushed upon others. I will only say that this is one of the best books you will ever read. Perhaps it is just me. :)


"The woods are never solitary--they are full of whispering, beckoning, friendly life. But the sea is a mighty soul, forever moaning of some great, unshareable sorrow, which shuts it up into itself for all eternity." ~Anne's House of Dreams

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3 epistles:

  1. I LOVE this book! Actually, I just read it again yesterday after I read this post just so I could get the wamr-and-cuddly feeling all over again after finishing it :)

    I totally agree with you: it took FOREVER for Anne and Gilbert to get married! Don't you just get SOOOO frustrated in Anne of the Island?!?!!? It's the one time where Anne is wrong about something :P Gilbert is probably as close as it gets to my "ideal" Prince Charming....except mine would probably be a bolder Christian. :)

    I could ramble about the Anne books forever.....

    Oh, one last thing: our church just called a new pastor, and he looks JUST like Gilbert (from the movie) instead with glasses. He even talks like Gil. Acts like Gil. It tickles me pink :P And, he and his wife have a baby daughter who looks like Zuzu's long lost twin sister. Talk about look-a-likes.....

  2. Afternoon, dear! Wow, it's been way too long since I was last over here. I do enjoy reading your blog so know how things pile up though:/

    I LOVE the Anne series. They are so fun, and charming, and, yes, even have an elegant feel to them. And they did such an amazing job with the movies (but I still love the books:) I had read the books first and was afraid that movies wouldn't do a good job but everyone is JUST like I picture them. I don't know how they did it...

    Love you and hope all is well!


  3. I just read this book! Great review.

    There was however one thing that I didn't quite like in this book. And it was the author's treatment of babies. For the first baby -- poor Joyce -- the author started with subtle hints, which I thought were well done. But she didn't actually mention "baby" until the birth. I think those hints would have been better with a clearer mention of what it was. If I had been younger and less intuitive into the author's writing style and Anne's character, I wouldn't have known what she was talking about at all...

    And then the second baby. We didn't hear ANYTHING about a new baby until the chapter when they talked about "the stork" and the birth. All those other chapters, over the course of another year, I kept wondering....why isn't Anne having another baby?? I mean, you'd expect it. And then, all at once, it happened.
    I think the author's discreet taste was wonderful, but am I the only one who thinks maybe this was a little too much secrecy about the whole matter? Including the stork symbol was fine, if there had been mention of another pregnancy.
    The only hint I can think of is the one where Anne was out walking in the garden, and Susan had said she was worried, especially since Anne shouldn't be "on her feet as much." I was thinking's been almost a year since the last baby. I'm sure Anne's strength has returned, so why does she need to be cautious? But yeah...

    Otherwise, the book was a lovely pleasant read. I finished it in about 4 days. It was just a nice story of Anne and Gilbert's life together. I loved seeing that, and the experiences they had. I was so sad when the first baby died though! That was a huge shock.

    I'm not going to read Anne of Windy Poplars (skipped that one because I didn't have it at the time.) And I'll read the whole series, so I can experience the whole story. I love Anne!!!

    ~Liz B


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