These Lovely Ladies Are Having Some Giveaways... Please Join!

21 August 2010

This post will be entirely made of compiled giveaways that are happening in the blog world. Yes--it will be long. :)

Have you all ever met my sister, Bree, before?

She is the heart, soul, mind, and spirit behind the blog He Designs My Life.

Currently, she is having a giveaway... and I wouldn't be a good older sister if I didn't tell you all about it, now would I?

First place is a makeover by Awel--how exciting is that? And the 2nd and 3rd place prizes are fabulous as well. So head on over and join Bree's giveaway! And while you're at it, why don't you follow her as well? 

On the note of giveaways, Guinevere is also having one. Click here to check it out! She has some pretty awesome prizes as well!

Here are the questions for her blog party: 

1. What has been your favorite part of summer so far? Writing my book, Peril on the Sea, and lots and lots of thunderstorms!

2. What is your favorite part of autumn? The crisp, cool air, and getting back to school. 

3. Raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens? Raindrops on roses--what else? Of course, an un-whiskered kitten WOULD be a bit odd...

4. Describe your dream house. I have many ideas of what I would like in a house--how can I choose? One thing that I would like no matter what would be a large backyard with a tree house and swings. Not a swing set--just plain old-fashioned swings.

5. What's your favorite movie? Oh, so hard! Can I choose three? I love The Patriot, Sense & Sensibility (1995), and Henry V (the one with Kenneth Branagh). 

6. Quote something from the book you most recently read: 

"Look here," said Edmund, "need we go by the same way that our Dear Little Friend came by?"
"No more of that, your Majesty, if you love me," said the Dwarf.
"Very well," said Edmund. "May I say our D.L.F.?"
"Oh, Edmund," said Susan. "Don't keep on at him like that."
"That's all right, lass--I mean your Majesty," said Trumpkin with a chuckle. "A jibe won't raise a blister."
(And after that they often called him the D.L.F. until they had almost forgot what it meant.) 
-- Prince Caspian (book)

7. What do you like/not like about my blog? I really like how you are frequently lighthearted and cheerful. What do I not like? Hmm... that's hard... can I have a moment?

8. Rain or shine? RAIN, all. the. way. 

9. The worst grammatical mistake, in your opinion: Misspelling words, or doing Random capitals all Over the Place <-- see what I mean?

10. If you had a choice, would you want to live: in the mountains, in a rainforest, on a prairie, or by the beach? Um... by the beach. :)

11. What character from a book would you say you are most like? Either Jo March or Marianne Dashwood.

12. Be constantly talking the rest of your life or not be able to communicate in any way for the rest of your life? Constantly talking.

13. Owl City or Switchfoot? Sorry, neither.

14. Taylor Swift of Selena Gomez? Taylor Swift. 

15. Your pet peeve? Grammatical errors. 

16. What's your favorite font? 

17. How are you educated? (i.e. homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled) Homeschooled.

18. Do you consider yourself tomboy-ish or feminine? Feminine.

19. What's your favorite song? I really like a lot of music, so I don't think I can choose one. 

20. Did you enjoy answering these questions? YES!

And last, but most certainly not least, is Bleah's and Eldarwen's homeschoolers event.

This is for HOMESCHOOLERS, so if you homeschool, listen up! There is a mysterious prize--one that has not yet been revealed--that Bleah and Eldarwen are giving away. And ANYONE can enter--even if you live in Japan! Here's all you have to do:

{1} Leave your blog's link at either Bleah's or Eldarwen's blog posts.

{2} Answer the questions that Eldarwen chose.

{3} Wait in absolute longing to know what the surprise prize is!

That's all you have to do. So, if you homeschool, join this event!

3 epistles:

  1. Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway, Lizzy Rose!


  2. Hello, Lizzy Rose!
    I didn't know that Bree is your sister! Of course I will visit her. I'm already a follower. Nana did her design, right?

  3. My giveaway lasts until the 28th.


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