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22 August 2010

 This is a blog hop like none before. Rather then answering a list of questions, related or unrelated to a certain topic, Emily Shae @ Grace Like Rain has chosen to format her blog hop, celebrating the end of summer, a bit differently. Here is how she put it...

Since we are moving into the colder parts of the year, we need a time to reflect on the summer of 2010. It was a summer of discoveries, both physically and spiritually. But, before I go any further, and exert anymore of my random tangents of excitement, I believe there are a few things that must be mentioned first.
First thing...since this is a blog hop, there needs to be something fun (other than the cool prizes!). For this week there will be a collection of questions. You will post the questions in an essay format (one or all of them) of no less than 200 words to your blog. Then link up here at Grace Like Rain (Mclinky will be right below header). Here you go... the questions await your answers: 

1. Post a descriptive about your idea of the 'perfect summer'. 
2. Write a memoir of your summer.
3. Tell us what God has taught you over the summer.
4. Share with us your summer pictures; all those fun memories of Summer 2010!
5. Or do all 4!
I have chosen to do a bit of a combination of #2 and #3. Here is my essay...

The summer of 2010 was such a summer of new beginnings and new awakenings for me in so many different ways. I began reading my Bible much more--I started the "read the Bible in a year" program--and it has changed me so much. The Bible no longer seems like a dusty old book of histories and things that happened in the past. It is real, it is TRUE. Up until now, I failed to see that.

This may not be as important or life-changing as what I wrote above, but it is still a new step for me. I became a camera addict this summer. Really, I can't let go of the camera. Everywhere I go, I see a shot that I could have captured. I see the beauty in the simplest of things... and I want to share that. I want to embrace it, to be a part of it. I want the beauty of the Lord's creation to shine through my photos.

The Lord directed my steps in many ways this summer. I began writing a book, temporarily titled Peril on the Sea. A sad book. And yes, I will admit that I cry sometimes while writing it. The characters that I invent become so real, so fluid to me that it breaks my heart to think of hurting them.

A girl who rarely touched a Bible--except in church on Sundays--now turns the pages with eager fingertips. A girl who never saw much value in a camera now cannot put it down. A girl who had failed and grown frustrated over her seeming lack of enough imagination and talent to write a book suddenly was placed in the whirling and exhilarating storm of book-writing. 

A sinner who was asleep was awoken to the Light.

There are also some lovely prizes to be won in this event of Emily's (yes, I said prizes--they make everything all the more exciting, right? :)...


(isn't this necklace beautiful?)

And for all of you photographers...

And to those who are avid book-readers...

The prizes are splendid, are they not? Do you want the chance to win one of them? Then join Emily's giveaway and blog hop! 

2 epistles:

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  2. Hey Ms. Rose,
    What an insightful and direct essay on what you learned this summer. Continue to explore the things that are being taught to you in every way possible. FEED that hunger to learn. It's a pleasure to read your writing, Lizzy (grinning), and I can't wait to read "Peril on the Sea."

    I absolutely love the thought of "the younger audience" getting excited about the use of a camera. What a way to show people what YOU actually "see" from day to day. As I continue to add to my online photo postings, I hope you'll check in every once in a while and provide some feedback to my "photo eye."

    Good luck in school and stay in touch, Ms. Rose.



"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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