Miscellany Monday - 6-21-10

21 June 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Well, look at that, lo and behold, it's Monday again! Time flies. :) If you want to join in, head over to Carissa's blog, lowercase letters.

DISCLAIMER: This post encourages the eating of... *ahem*... cookie dough. Do not read if you have laid down the law and banned such unnatural habits in your house. 

{1} If you read the disclaimer, you know what you're in for now. Cookie dough. Lots and lots of cookie dough. Sugar cookie dough, gingerbread cookie dough, and chocolate chip cookie dough... ahh... hey, let me dream for a minute. As a child I was told that if I ate too much sugar cookie dough, I would get a stomach ache. Didn't stop me. I got into the (bad) habit of turning my head as if to look at the time and then... *sigh* putting a bite of raw dough into my mouth. Chocolate chip is the best. Every time I make chocolate chip cookies, I have to have a bite. Mmm... For one single moment, I am in heaven. 

{2} I am a hypocrite. Me, the queen of accuracy in movies, actually prefers the 1995 Sense & Sensibility to the 2008 version. Yup. And even when I'm told that the newer version is more accurate to the book, I still stand firm. Because the actors don't look right! Emma Thompson as Elinor is, I admit, too old in the 1995 movie. So, having a younger, less-sure-of-herself Elinor is definitely a good thing. And I have no problems with Edward Ferrars. But... Willoughby and Marianne. First of all, Charity Wakefield doesn't stand a chance against Kate Winslet. Kate's Marianne was excellent, as I have said before, and she cannot be replaced. But Charity is good, too - I don't really mind her, nor do I think she did a bad job, it's just that Kate Winslet is such an excellent actress that she can't really be replaced easily. It's mainly Willoughby that I have the problem with. Upon seeing him enter the screen, I thought "What was wrong with Greg Wise and why did he have to be so absurdly replaced?" Isn't the whole point of Willoughby being conniving the fact that he doesn't wear it on his sleeve? Where is the charming, handsome gentleman who steals your heart from the moment he enters the room? Dominic Cooper, I officially despise you.

{3} Last Saturday we planned to go to the pool. Early in the day, the sky gets gray and we experience some thunder. We decide against the pool, obviously. By the time it's too late to get back into bathing suits and go to the pool, the sky is sunny again. And it stays that way - warm, hot, and humid - the whole day. As in, perfect pool-weather. *sigh*

{4} I'm wondering how on earth I am going to fill in some more miscellany stuff. Help?

{5} I like to write letters. In cursive. I wrote one to my grandparents yesterday, in cursive, and with my quill pen. After writing the 3-page letter - all in cursive, mind you - I considered buying a hand massager.  Seriously. Typing has benefits.

{6} Should I do a blog party when I get my new makeover? Thoughts?

Head on over to Carissa's blog and link up!

3 epistles:

  1. Ooh, I love cursive too, but not to that extreme!
    Yes to the blog party when you get a makeover! That would be awesome! (And who is doing your makeover, by the way?)


  2. What a fun, random post, Lizzy! I love "miscellany mondays."

    Oh... don't even talk to me about cookie dough, girl! How I love that stuff. *blissful sigh* =)

    I haven't seen the 2008 Sense and Sensibility, but I really love the 1995 one. It would be hard to beat that version!

    You're right - typing *definitely* has it's benefits! I wrote four letters in a row last week, and my hand was sooo tired after I finished. lol! =D

    I hope you're having a great Tuesday, Lizzy!! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. You're such a faithful commenter, and I always enjoy hearing from you!

    - Much love,
    Lindsay <3

  3. Kira says...
    When are we gonna get more book posts?


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