Another Post to Label "Long" - The Answers to the Questions You Asked!

16 June 2010

Before reading this post, be aware that it may take you quite awhile to finish. Not as long as other posts I have read involving this "question marathon" idea, but still, long. If your mom has already called you to dinner about 3 times, I suggest that you leave this post for a later time. Thank you.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen alike, and read one of the longest posts in the history of... um, my blog. This is a little late, because I had my sister's kind post that she did for me on my actual birthday, and well, I kind of forgot about this post, all the time it was sinking lower and lower in my list of posts. Now you will finally get to read the questions and their answers!

1. If you had to choose one character in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice whom would it be and why? I would choose Jane Bennet, because she is so sweet and willing to do anything that anyone else requests.

2. How many books can you read in a week? It really depends on the length of the book. :)

From Merriette:

3. What is the fastest you have ever read a novel length book (200+ pgs)? (My answer is four in one day.) Wow, you are way faster than me! My record is one in one day, but sometimes I prefer to read slower, in order to savor the story.

4. What do you like best about Elizabeth Bennet? I like her wit and her intelligence.

5. Do you prefer the spelling Elizabeth or Elisabeth? I actually am leaning towards liking Elisabeth better - something about it is so soft and delicate.

6. What book have you read the most? Little Women, probably.

7. Do you normally re-read books? *clears throat and gestures to last question* Yes, I have. I seem to get more out of books every time I re-read them.

8. Approximately how many books do you read a week on average? Go read my answer to #2. It really had a whole lot to do with the length and whether I like the book or not.

9. Do you expect to be able to read more or less as you get older? Sadly, I may be busier as I get older, so possibly less. I do hope I can continue to read a little each day even as I get older, though.

10. Do you prefer photographs or paintings? I don't think I can choose. Truly, people who can paint like Edgar Degas or Mary Cassatt have God-given talent, and I love to look at their works of art. I do not posses that gift, though, so I enjoy personally capturing life through a camera's lens. 

11. Which are your favorite movie adaptations of each of Jane Austen's books? I have only seen a few, and I can't pick a favorite. How about 3? I love Sense & Sensibility 1995, Pride and Prejudice 1995, and Emma 2009.

12. What type of poetry do you most enjoy reading? (I really liked the poem you posted last, by the way.) I really enjoy poetry about nature and God's creation.

13. What are your standards for books? Really, it boils down to whether or not the author has a good moral standing point, such as a. Is this author a Christian? b. Do they promote ungodly behavior? and c. Does the book deal with good topics? If any of the questions are answered wrong (i.e. The author is not a Christian, or does not have Christian standards), then I don't read the book.

14. What are your standards for movies? The same as my standards for books.

15. What do you most dislike in books/movies? The encouraging of ungodly behavior.

16. What is most likely to make you love a book/movie? A good Christian or moral viewpoint, preferably both.

17. Do you get most of your standards (modesty/purity of the mind/etc.) from your parents or yourself? My parents encouraged it in me at a young age, but I believe in it on my own as well.

18. Do you tend to think deeply about things or just surface (as in, think about the themes and meanings of books or just the story/characters/writing, or think about the purpose of makeup & and all that goes behind it or whether you'll wear it or not)? Yes, I do that.

19. Do you like to keep up a commentary on movies while you watch them? I hate to say this, but not really, or at least not the first time I see the movie. I like to watch the movie and listen to the lines the actors are saying. Maybe after I know the movie well I would choose to do that...

20. Do you notice details or general effects more? Details.

21. How do you know you are a Christian? Because it hurts me whenever I hear/see/read about someone talking disrespectfully towards God. On the other hand, when people do the opposite, it gives me a warm glow as though I have found a kindred spirit, someone who thinks the same as I. That's just one example. I could go on forever, but I have a bunch of other questions to answer. :)

22. What is the first thing that attracts you to a blog? First, a nice layout. That draws me in. 

23. What most turns you off in a blog? Swearing and the like.

24. Do you prefer a new follower or a new comment? A new follower... who leaves a comment. :)

25. What makes you click the follower button? If I agree with the post subjects and the author seems to be the type of person I would like to meet in person.

26. Are you going to answer all of these questions at once (like Jo did), or a little at a time beforehand (like I did)? A little at a time. :)

27. What time do you usually go to bed and get up? I go to my room at 9-9:30 PM, but I normally read until 10 PM. In the morning I get up at 7 AM.

28. What's your favorite book in the Bible? I don't think I have a favorite. Their is so much wisdom you can get out of the whole Bible that I can't choose just one book. I am partial to Psalms, though.

29. Who is your favorite person in the Bible? Mary, sister of Martha. She is so humble and willing; I wish I could be the same.

30. Do you like blogging, writing, or reading better? I LOVE all 3. They have to be my favorite things to do. Sketching outdoors comes in 2nd place.

31. What's your favorite kind of birthday cake? :) Oh, decisions, decisions... definitely chocolate.

From Jo March (grouped into separate topics):

32. When you have your own home someday, what color scheme do you want to use for your kitchen? White.

33. How about for your living room? Brown and blue.

34. Do long those long, 90 degree-angle couches that could fit into a corner? Um, sorry Jo, I don't understand this question...

35. Do sleep "under the covers" at night, or on top? Under, even in summer. 

36. Do you like to wear socks to bed? :P *shakes head* No, unless it's below zero. :) They are WAY too warm.

37. Are you the type of person who would wear completely mis-matching clothes all day long and not care what your siblings said? Nope, sorry - I care just a tad bit too much about what others think about me.

38. Do you like sunglasses? Yes!

39. Are you a barefoot girl? :) Yes, yes, yes!

40. Do you like flip-flops? If I have to go somewhere in the summer. I prefer going barefoot.

41. Do you wear skirts more often than pants? I would love to, but I own more pants/shorts than skirts.

42. Which Jane Austen heroine is your favorite? I really love them all, actually, for different reasons.

43. Which Jane Austen hero is your favorite? Either Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley.

44. Were you happy with the ending to Mansfield Park? Sorry, *ducks head in embarrassment* I haven't read Mansfield Park... yet.

45. Do you like Marianne over Elinor, or the other way around? I admire Elinor a lot, but I find myself enjoying Marianne's personality a bit more.

46. How many film versions of Jane Austen novels have you seen? Four, soon to be five.

47. Which of those films was your favorite? Go look at question #11.

48. Which of the novels is your favorite? Sense & Sensibility, but Pride & Prejudice is a close 2nd.

49. Would you ever want to live in a neighborhood that was named "Willoughby"? Certainly!

50. Did you feel sorry for the aforementioned "villain" at the end of Sense and Sensibility? Yes... very sorry...

51. Which of the JA novels is your *least* favorite? From reading descriptions, probably Persuasion, but I can't really make an adequate decision, having not read it yet.

52. Do you like to dance? YES!

53. If so, what kind of dancing? I take ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance.

54. How long have you been sewing? Not very long...

55. Have you made many costumes before? Once I made a Little House-like skirt, but other than that, I haven't made any.

56. When do you expect to be finished with your regency gown? By the end of the summer, hopefully. :)

57. Do you sing much? Yes, all the time, but I'm not very good.

58. What's your favorite Christian song? Worship, or just Christian artist? Okay, I'll do both. Worship: "Here I Am to Worship." Christian artist: I really love the song "Have Your Way" by Britt Nicole.

59. What's your favorite non-Christian song? Hmm... maybe "Beautiful, Beautiful" by Francesca Battistelli... but that may be Christian, too... :)

60. Do you like Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers? Let's put it this way: when ever a song of either of theirs comes on the radio, I will turn it off and run away covering my ears. Does that give you a nice view of my opinion of them?

61. How about Taylor Swift? I like a lot of Taylor Swift's songs, especially "Love Story."

62. Do you prefer quieter Christian music (hymns, instrumental) or more contemporary (like Third Day, Casting Crowns)? Contemporary some days, quieter other days.

63. Do you have an mp3 player or an iPod? iPod. 

64. What song makes you smile EVERY time you hear it? "Hello Sunshine" by BarlowGirl

65. What song do you always skip when you come to it? Songs I've listened to 1,000 times already.

66. Do you like listening to movie soundtracks? Yes, from certain movies.

67. If so, which ones? I... um... I can't seem to think of any at this moment... uh... oh, I think I hear my mom calling me to dinner... gotta go! :)

From Kira: 

68. What's your favorite: coke or pepsi? Coke... although I prefer the name "Coca-Cola." I know, I'm silly! It just sounds much more "sophisticated."

69. Where do you want to go on vacation? I really would love to visit England again. I went once when I was 3 years old, so that doesn't really count as a visit... :)

70. Have you read the Hungergames? No, I don't think I've heard of it... 

71. What is your favorite movie? Sense & Sensibility, 1995, but I really love a lot of movies!

72. What was the first blog you followed? Hard question. Hmm... I think it was With Wings Like Eagles.

73. How many times have you changed your blog background? Too many time to count...

74. What is your favorite song (includes classical music)? That's a terrible question! How can I choose just one song?! Is this a trick question? *faints at the thought of choosing one favorite song and has to be dunked in cold water and revived (by her very caring younger sister) so as to be able to continue answering questions*

75. Which do you prefer: Marianne Dashwood or Lizzy Bennet? Marianne Dashwood.

76. Which do you prefer: Emma Woodhouse or Jane Bennet? Jane is definitely the more prudent of the two, but Emma is so funny... *sigh*

77. What Jane Austen books have you not read? Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and I am reading Emma, but am not yet finished with it.

78. How many times have you read Pride & Prejudice? Only once, actually. I love to reread my books, but lately I have been so busy reading new books that I received for my birthday that I haven't had time to do that. Hmm, good suggestion...

79. What is your favorite C.S. Lewis book? The Horse and His Boy. *smiles at a joke only dedicated bloggers who read all her posts will understand*

80. Which do you prefer: the new Pride & Prejudice or the old one? I like the 1995 one better because of it's accuracy to the book, but I still enjoy watching the new version from 2005.

81. When you took the Jane Austen heroine's quiz for the first time, what character did you get? (BE HONEST!) I got Elinor Dashwood, because my dad said I would be portrayed by her "because she has been in all of those Jane Austen and Shakespeare movies." Any girls who have taken the quiz will know that all of the actresses in that list portrayed different Austen characters in different versions of the books. So they technically all are "historical actresses." I went with Kate Winslet because I like her portrayal of Marianne Dashwood a lot. Marianne being played by Kate Winslet is my favorite portrayal of all the Jane Austen movies I have seen. That's why I chose her. And after changing that, lo and behold, it came up with Marianne. I guess it was split in the middle and the actress choice really pushed it to one side or the other.

82. How many journals have you filled? I'm in the process of filling my 7th.

I have no words; they all have been used up already in this LONG post. I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Did you notice how LONG your post was...
    Ih yeah i think it was metioned! I have never in my two years of blogging FILLED a page!

  2. That was fun to read! It's always interesting to find out more about fellow bloggers. :) And I really like your new name! :D

  3. Awesome post! It's fun getting to know more about you.

    And I love your new pen-name, hehe. ;)


  4. AWWWW.

    I'm so glad I found this blog!

    I ADORE pride and prejudice! Seriously, I have probably read the book 500 times and seen the movies triple that!

    I can't say I read ALL of this post, but I skimmed through and adored it!

  5. Kira says...
    Btw: The Hunger Games is written by Suzanne Collins and really is an amazing book that has something for everyone. If you love a good read I soooo advise that one. : )

  6. Yes I'm back! AND I MISSED YOU TERRIBLY!!!! hehehehe... :) Would you... could you make me a better button???? THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!

    With Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann


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