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20 May 2010

Did my title give you a hint? Yes, it is true - I am going to make a regency gown!! We currently are getting a new sewing machine, and then we will begin! This will be my huge summer project, and I am all giddy over the thought of it. I mean, to all of us crafty ladies, isn't it ideal to spend your summer making a costume styled after that of Jane Austen's time? Yes, rather. We will most likely be using a Sense &Sensibility pattern, because those make very historically-accurate gowns. 

In honor of this exciting process I will be posting every few days as soon as we start with pictures of fabric, ribbons, trim, and so forth, as well as notes on the costume-making process, updates, status reports and such. When the gown is complete, you will see a picture of it. 

So, leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this idea o' mine!

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