Patterns, Please?

25 May 2010

I know I already posted today. Does an apology count as a full-length post?

We bought the patterns for my regency gown! Oh, I'm sorry, that wasn't emphasized enough. Here you go... We. Bought. The. Patterns. For. My. Regency. Gown. How's that? Can you feel the excitement brewing? I am such a feminine girl, a girl who loves dresses and long skirts. I am very thrilled about getting to try out my sewing skills on this gown. The pattern I am using is actually very similar to a gown that Marianne wears in the 1995 Sense & Sensibility. She wears it in the piano scene - you know, when Colonel Brandon comes in when Marianne is playing the pianoforte... oh, such a romantic moment! A good, wholesome, romantic moment. Here is the gown she wears...

A good front view

Full-length view

Side view

At the piano

Now, here is the pattern for the gown I plan to make. The fabric color is a bit bright and it looks stiff, so I wouldn't use that. However, the style is very similar. I wasn't even looking to imitate the *above* dress, until I realized how alike they were. Well, why not? I thought. Here is the gown, courtesy of Sense & Sensibility Patterns.

Front view

Side view

Another side view

Do you see the resemblance? I know, the fabric totally throws you off - that color is just a tad bright. :) But I wouldn't use fabric that color. Don't worry, I have sense. Ha ha, unintended pun.

Of course, to achieve the Regency-era look, you need proper undergarments. So, here are the patterns we got. It included patterns for a chemise, a set of short stays, and two different chemisettes. Here are the pictures...

Chemise with short stays, front view and back


Short stays front

Short stays back

Chemisettes (which are basically a long cotton, sleeveless gown you wear underneath your gown)

I don't think I am going to use the chemisette pattern - I'll just make the neck high enough on the gown

Alright, that's them all. Now that you know what patterns I'm working with, perhaps you will be able to read the step-by-step updates and have more of an understanding of how the process is going. :)

The amazing second Anne book, Anne of Avonlea, is coming up soon!

5 epistles:

  1. Ooh, that's my favorite of Marianne's dresses and she looks so lovely at the piano in it!
    I hope you get great success with your endeavors.

  2. That gown is simply gorgeous!(The one from the movie I mean...I agree that the orange one was not very well chosen fabric...)

    Waiting for pictures!!

  3. I am making the Drawstring Dress!
    I have a Torqouise Paisley currently waiting to be Cut!

  4. Oh how beautiful Lizzy! This looks like so much fun. In my house there is a stash of fabric an pattern that I hope to use some days soon for such a project.

    Also thank your for the note at my blog this morning let me know if that satisfies the wish expressed.
    Have a gorgeous day.

  5. Oh, very pretty. I love the fabric and good for you taking the extra step to do underclothes:)


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