Book Review: Anne of Avonlea

30 May 2010

And now, for the book review on Anne of Avonlea. I have to say that this book is sometimes a bit hard to adjust to, since it is the first book that Anne is truly almost an adult, and practically grown-up. Like I said in the post on the first Anne book, you feel a slight sadness for the loss of little Anne. :(

But this is a fantastic book all the same. Anne and Gilbert still have a wonderful, friend-oriented relationship throughout the book, and that is nice to read about. Of course, their romance is not at all inappropriate, so it is nice to read about as well, but it seems like Anne and Gilbert go through a lot of turmoil and misunderstanding throughout Anne of the Island, before finally getting engaged. Quoth Anne (after Gilbert proposes) "oh, now you've spoiled everything!" I appreciate that Anne is not (or rather, thinks she isn't) in love with Gilbert yet, but you cannot stop the hands of time. It almost seems like Anne is clinging onto the past, rather than moving forward and accepting change.

Here is my review/synopsis, whatever you want to call it!

Anne of Avonlea
By L.M. Montgomery

Little Anne Shirley has grown up into a beautiful young lady, with radiant hair that her friends call "auburn" and starry gray eyes. However, Anne is not quite an adult yet, and she still has a few lessons to learn, which will be taught in abundance when she undertakes the job as schoolteacher of the little Avonlea school. Making friends was never difficult for Anne, and so she becomes a much-loved teacher to her students, a caring friend to the new people, young and old, that she meets, and an altogether unforgettable heroine. 
But Anne faces new challenges as she vainly tries to make a stubborn schoolboy mind her, eventually resulting in the use of an instrument she had vowed never to wield, Marilla adopts twins, one of whom is most mischievous, and experiences the trials and hopes of growing into a young woman. She feels the weight of change and reluctance as she witnesses a proposal of marriage to her best friend, and she gladly does all she can to rekindle the romance between her favorite student's father and a delighful older lady whom she has grown to love. Turning the page on childhood, Anne steps into that confusing time between childhood and adulthood with a heart full of hope and ambition for the future.

I am getting the knack of writing these synopsis' better now - I think I may like doing this! 

On Anne of Avonlea... it was a very funny, good book. It had a lot of wholesome, simple, funny happenings in it, as is usual to Anne. It makes the transition from Anne of Green Gables to Anne of the Island quite nicely, for Anne of the Island is definitely a very complicated new book, as Anne goes to Redmond college in Kingsport and steps outside of her previous social circles and... well, I'm getting ahead of myself! You can hear all that you want about the 3rd Anne book in my next post on this series, but for now we must focus on the book at hand.

Anne is getting just a bit quieter - she doesn't chatter on so much in 100-word paragraphs such as she did in the last book. Of course, she still talks a great deal, but she has learned discretion. Anne is also growing up and getting more mature, in her speech, manner, way of dress, etc. She will still gasp aloud at the beauty of flowers, trees, and such, but she is not so dramatic and she doesn't use as many big words.

Altogether, Anne of Avonlea is a delightful, simple book about a young girl growing into adulthood. It contains none of the tension, worry, or strong emotions of the next book, Anne of the Island. And it has many funny parts, such as when Anne falls through the duck house roof on Tory Road... well, you'll have to read the book to know what I'm talking about! 

Anne of Avonlea is a great light-read and will be sure to make you smile!


"There are so many unpleasant things in the world already that there is no use in imagining any more." ~ Anne of Avonlea

3 epistles:

  1. I LOVED Anne of Avonlea. Actually, I love all the Anne book...probably one of my favorite series. Good job on the review, Lizzie. Well written and fun to read!

  2. Whoops! Sorry! I see you spell Lizzie with a Y. *smiles*

  3. Oh I just LOVE the Anne books! Don't you just love how Anne of Avonlea ends? That walk down the lane after Miss Lavender's wedding? Touches my heart everytime :) Anne and Gil have to be two of my very favorite literary hero/heroines of all time :)

    I'm enjoying reading your "review/synopsis"s, you do a very good job. I always want to tell everyone how the book ends, and I'm famous for reading the end of a book first before the rest of it, which makes for a spoiler filled description to anyone. :P


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