The Lost Treasure

05 April 2010

I have a poem that I just wrote today to share with you. Here it is, titled "The Lost Treasure." Enjoy!

The Lost Treasure

I wanted to write, but my mind wouldn’t form the words.
I wanted to write, but my hands were too tired to clutch a pen, my fingers too sore to type.
I wanted to write, but I left my desk to watch TV.
I wanted to write, but I found my old journals and sat down to read them.
I wanted to write, but the call of the outdoors (and my siblings in the sprinkler) were much too strong.
I wanted to write, but my friends were emailing me, and I was eager to reply.
I wanted to write, but trivial things held me back.

I now know what to write.
No calls pull me away, no emails stop me.  The paradise I dreamed of reaching has come.
But my hands now are weak, my body frail. 

I no longer know how to write.
I lost the gift while I was daydreaming.
I forgot the gift while I was playing.
I left the gift behind while I was talking.
And gradually, it was no longer lost.
It was gone. Nonexistent. 
Never to return.

Do you like it? I know,  I know, it's meager. But I'm not that old - I have time to improve. At least... I hope I improve!

Leave a comment telling me what you think!

7 epistles:

  1. It's got a lot of potential! I think if you structure it a little more (make the lines shorter and more concise, and put in breaks where the thoughts change, such as the line "I now know what to write"), that it will be even better. Good job! :)


  2. Hey I was thinking, do want to be an author on the Sisters of Pemberly? If you do, maybe we can email about? Or talk via comments. lol

  3. oh gosh i deleted your comment! I did not mean to do that. Okay well...I don't know yet. If you have ideas that would be great. Let be get back to you.

  4. Kira says....
    Like Melody said, structure. I love the content, the words. It was pretty amazing, and would be great as freeverse poetry with a little tiny tweaking. Great Job! : )

  5. great poem lizzy! I was just wondering, did the header I made not work for you? you don't have it up....

  6. Oh yes i liked it! I love writing and reading poems!
    Kaitlin (Queen Susan)


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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