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28 March 2010

I made a few more buttons that "advertise" my short story contest! Feel free to take any one that you like. Here are the choices:


  Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Do you like those buttons? I hope you do... and I hope you choose to put one up on your blog (if you have one. If not... no hard feelings). It would really help me get more... er, publicity for this short story contest. *NOTE* If you DO put one of the buttons up on your blog(s), that receives extra points in the contest!! (And remember, there is still that other button with the blinking text at the top of my blog's home page)

And keep writing on your stories! Remember, the word count has gone up from 700 to 1500.  I hope to get lots of amazing stories!!

3 epistles:

  1. I'll put the button up for you. I can't write...or I'd enter. I love to do it for fun, but I have no talent. LOL, can't wait to see what you get. And I hope me putting it up helps.

  2. Just for the record, I did put up both your blog button and story contest button. :)
    Here is a very short story I wrote while listening to my playlist last night:

    Elena flew through the front door of her home. Sobs bursting from her lips, she ran around the corner of the house, not noticing the swishing of her long skirt nor the feel of the moist grass brushing against her bare feet. Flowers and trees she did not heed until at last Elena collapsed at the base of the great oak tree, deep in her parents backyard. Covering her face with her hands, she cried, sobs shaking her shoulders and her tears flowing between her fingers.

    "Oh God, I can't take it!" she whispered brokenly. "Why does it have to be this way?"

    Slowly her sobs subsided and her tears subdued. Wiping her eyes, Elena saw a book lying beside her, the one she had unknowingly clasped in her pain-filled run and had been cast aside as she fell to the ground. With a catch in her throat, the girl leaned over and picked the volume up, its cover warm to her touch. Tears blurred her eyes so she could not read its title, but she hugged to herself, softly crying as her mind faithfully repeated the words she had read just minutes before. The knife plunged deep. One shuddering breath, one gasp of pain, one look filled with anguish and it ended. The wind ceased to blow, the stars grew dark. Black. Cold. Still. All life ceased for the Creator of life had died.

    "Oh God," Elena whispered again, trying in vain to still the flow of tears, "I can't bear it--I can't bear it!" She drew in another shuddering breath and looked down at the book in her hands, wondering for the first time why this should mean so much to her. The girl had known the story of Christ's for as long as she could remember, she had often read allegories about His sacrifice, but never had anything torn her to pieces as this did. She felt empty, like her very soul had been ripped from her body. Raising misty eyes to the setting sun, Elena felt no warmth from its golden rays, she saw no beauty in the majestic colours. It was all lost, a shadow of what once was. The Creator, her Creator, the One who had loved her, the One who had always been by her side even when it was too dark to see Him, for her He had given His life, but without Him there could be no life.

    The book had fallen from her hands and now lay open upon the turf. A soft breeze drifted over the tawny earth, rustling the book's pages, lifting Elena's limp hair, and bringing warmth back into her numb face like a mother's breath, stirring something within her. Closing her eyes for a moment to clear away her tears, Elena reached out with a trembling hand and lifted the writing from the grass, until her eyes rested on the open page. For a moment they did not focus, she could hardly bear to understand but, a tremble running through her body, the girl gazed at the printed words, one sentence glowing on the page. But Life was not defeated for the King would rise again even as the sun rises each morning, so He will not remain in the shadows of death.

    Elena's skin tingled, her body flooding with warmth. Covering her mouth with her hand, Elena could not cover her smile nor the sobs that again rose within her. Joy such as she had never known before overwhelmed her, breaking over her like the waves of the sea, filling her, lifting her. Unknowingly, Elena rose to her feet, gazing into the sky with unseeing eyes that shone with awe.

    "Oh God," she whispered. "I can't bear it!"

    Though her tears flowed down her face, a smile grew until she could smile no more joyfully. Clasping the book tightly in her hands, she let two more words fall from her lips. The only words that could express a tithe of her emotions.

    "Thank You."

  3. Sorry! I didn't realize my comment was going to automatically publish. *blush*
    Just wondering, are you going to publish all of the stories for us to read, or just the winner?


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