Calling all writers!

01 February 2010

Today I am going to introduce something that should excite you all...a contest!! I am going to hold a Valentines Day Poem Writing Contest. Scroll down for the rules.

Valentines Day Poem Writing Contest RULES:

1. The poem must be written by YOU, and no one else. Kids under the age of 7 may have help from their parents (but do kids that little even visit my blog??).

2. The poem must be about Valentines Day, but as long as it is in that boundary, you can write anything you like.

3. Only ONE poem per person allowed.

4. Poems must be submitted to me through the comments section by February 13th. The winner will be posted on Valentines Day.


So how does that sound?? I hope all of my readers will write poems for the contest. I know there must be some budding writers out there that I don't know about. So here is your chance!! Write a poem. Make it fabulous. Then submit it to my blog!! I can't wait to read them!!

4 epistles:

  1. Kira composes:
    The Valentines Way

    Roses bought,
    Perfume sprayed,
    make it special
    for only one day

    Seats reserved
    a big array
    show them devotion
    for only one day

    Wouldn’t it be something,
    wouldn’t it be special,
    If showing love
    was done continually

    Make it a goal, everyday
    to share some love,
    the Valentines way

  2. Valentines is a time for joy,
    Lets celebrate love with every girl an boy,
    With flowery parts,
    Which is were the love starts,
    Happy valentines day,
    This is from the heart.


  3. What up Chloe!!!! Here's my poem, I used an actual song title in each line!Hope you like it!

    SOME HEARTS may have the stars on their side

    But I know that YOU BELONG WITH ME tonight.

    Hoping this LOVE STORY will last forever

    All I want is YOU AND ME TOGETHER

    I know that TODAY WAS A FAIRYTALE, its true

    I see it WHEN I LOOK AT YOU

    I will tell you ONE TIME

    I see you LIKE A STAR in the sky

    People always say TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE

    And now I believe it, you're ONE IN A MILLION

    So remember that I'M YOURS

    And that love is as easy as 1,2,3,4

    The End


  4. Valentines day is full of bliss,
    Many people wait for a kiss,
    But not under the mistle toe,
    Oh no, my dear oh no, oh no.

    You see, that is christmas,
    My dear child.
    Valentines is a different style

    Time for letters of sweet love,
    the time when you get lots of hugs.

    But your forgetting the most important part,
    Your love does not come from one heart,
    But many people and as you see,
    God created a special person
    For you and for me.

    So when you get a hug or a kiss,
    don't forget, and don't you miss,
    The one who made you
    Up above,
    Don't forget to give Him love

    Happy Valentines Day,
    To everyone,
    Lets say Hooray!!!!!!!
    Happy V day


"Gracious words are like a honeycomb; sweetness to the soul and health to the body." —Proverbs 16:24

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